About Us

Our aim is to be the leading provider of physical rehabilitation solutions. We have used our international contacts to hand pick the best products relating to the functional assessment and rehabilitation of human performance. These products are being used to help patients and clinicians around the world, so get in touch and we can help you to benefit from this equipment in your own department.

We run regular clinical education days, to demonstrate how our equipment is currently being used, and how it can enhance your department. For information on upcoming user and demonstration days, please contact us.

Core values

  • Provide gold standard solutions for patients and clinical teams
  • Provide clinical education from world leading resources
  • Ensure our clients get a financial ROI as well as clinical
  • Raise standards of rehabilitation through objectivity and evidence based medicine

 Physiquipe team

Physiquipe was established in 2012 by Andy Thomas. Andy has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science, and six years experience in selling medical products in to the NHS, elite sports, universities, private healthcare and the military. Andy has a strong reputation and extensive contacts within these sectors due to his consultative sales approach.

For manufacturers wanting to distribute their products, please get in touch.