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Lymphoedema can be a very difficult condition to manage. For a long time there have been very few tools to help improve patient outcomes. As a clinician, we appreciate you have a challenging job to manage your workload and give patients the best possible outcomes. We have sourced the latest technology to ensure you are maximising your patients rehabilitation. These products are being used to help patients and clinicians around the world, so get in touch and we can help you to benefit from this equipment in your own department. These tools are only meant to compliment the specialist skills you have been trained in.

Our equipment can help you to achieve this by:

  • early detection of Lymphoedema
  • reducing oedema
  • relieving scar tissue
  • helping with woundcare

Objective assessment

Impedimed L-Dex

Impedimed DF50

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A Non-Invasive, Fluid-Specific Break Through: The Lymphoedema Index (L-Dex)

ImpediMed’s L-Dex technology utilises the characteristics of frequency dependent current flow to quantify changes in extracellular fluid in the patient’s limb. These changes can assist the surgeon or oncologist in clinically assessing early signs of lymphoedema. The L-Dex technology is specific for extracellular fluid and is unaffected by changes in the patient’s weight due to a change in fat mass or muscle mass. As fluid accumulates, the L-Dex value increases on the scale. The L-Dex number provides an instant tool for assisting in the clinical assessment of lymphedema progression as well as an easy way to track change in the patient over time.

The L-Dex U400 is a bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) device designed to aid in the assessment of unilateral lymphoedema in arms. This easy-to-use device provides a rapid, non-invasive and cost effective measurement designed to monitor the fluid content in the limbs of people who suffer from, or are at risk of, lymphoedema. The instrument also enables long-term patient monitoring and provides reports to support clinical and research practices.

The L-Dex U400 will store more than 1000 data records, which can be analysed directly on the device or downloaded via an Ethernet connection to the supplied Impsoft® Unilateral Lymphoedema Analysis Software running on a Windows PC.

  • Ease of Use

    • Enter patient demographics in L-Dex software.
    • Clean electrode sites and place 3 Dual-Tab electrodes on patient.
    • Attach color-coded leads and perform measurements following on-screen instructions.
    • Results will appear on the U400 screen and can be uploaded to PC software for storage or additional analysis.

Single Frequency Bioimpedance Comes of Age

The new standard in single frequency body composition analysis in healthy individuals is the DF50. Until now single frequency bioimpedance has been limited by the “one algorithm fits all” approach. Single frequency bioimpedance has now come of age with the DF50’s three population-specific, peer reviewed algorithms providing greater accuracy over broader population groups.

    • Accurate, single frequency (50 kHz) BIA device
    • Only instrument to offer peer reviewed General, Obese and Child algorithms
    • Displays resistance, reactance, impedance and phase
    • Calculates fat-free mass, fat mass, total body water, intracellular water, extracellular water and their percentages
    • Includes test cell to check calibration
    • Hand-held, battery operated and fully portable
    • Software included generates comprehensive, easy-to-follow reports

Soft Tissue Management



Negative Pressure treatment

The PhysioTouch is a negative pressure device which is used to lift the tissue to increase the drainage space and improve blood circulation. The device allows you to adjust the pressure accordingly for different patients and pathologies, for example using a higher constant pressure can help to manipulate scar tissue and break down the fibrosed tissue. Other advantages of the PhysioTouch are:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Manipulate fascia
  • Improve Range of Movement
  • Treat scar tissue
  • Improve recovery time


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation can help to treat many of the pathologies you encounter. HawkGrips are the ideal tool when it comes to IASTM, and to ensure you are giving your best treatment you should be using the best tools. HawkGrips can help by:

  • Reducing the stress put through your thumbs and wrists
  • Consistent and effective treatment throughout the day
  • Specific tools shaped for hands, wrists and digits
  • Speed up treatment times whilst remaining effective
  • Increase range of movement and strength

We can help you to:

  • Reduce treatment times/number of sessions
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce costs

Please contact us for more information