Objective Assessment & Rehabilitation

Objective physical assessment & rehabilitation are critical for elite athletes in modern sport

Objective physical assessment, rehabilitation and the setting of outcome measures are critical maintain the athlete to their individual peak physical attributes. They also give clear objective data to aid return-to-play criteria, whilst being a great communication tool for both athlete and management. Our systems are widely used within elite sports teams to:
• Enhance explosive power and performance
• Aid prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and conditioning
• Record and track progress for more accurate dosing and treatment

Objective physical assessment


AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill has revolutionised medical rehabilitation equipment with its unique differential air pressure technology that provides accurate, sage and comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy while promoting normal gait patterns. The AlterG provides Physiotherapists with an accurate tool to track patient progress, keeping them engaged during rehabilitation as well as being able to easily observe and analyse their patients range of movement.

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BTE PrimusRS

The BTE PrimuRS is entirely unique cutting edge technology that allows you to recreate joint-specific movements and real life everyday movements. This is linked to a computer providing precise outcome measures. This can help with: objective rehabilitation, pre-season baseline testing and athlete medicals. The BTE PrimusRS is used by elite athletic trainers and strength coaches for objective, data-driven testing and training of athletes.

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Objective physical assessment
Objective physical assessment

BTE Eccentron

BTE Eccentron is a sophisticated, eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. Eccentric exercise has long been acknowledged by orthopaedic and PT thought leaders. But until now, there wasn’t a proven device to deliver the benefits.

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