In the current financial climate, Public health is under great scrutiny. The NHS is being put under increasing pressure to cut costs but maintain a high level of patient care. We believe in the NHS and see our goal as being a consultant who can find solutions that not only enhance clinical outcomes but also reduce costs. The education and solutions we provide are designed to:

• Improve outcomes in fewer sessions
• Reduce clinical treatment time
• Enhance patient compliance
• Improved outcome measures to aid decision making
• Reduce likelihood of patient readmittence

There is a perception that there is ‘no money’ in the NHS whereas the reality is the budget for 2016/17 is over £120 billion. The key thing is that this money is spent in a way that improves outcomes, reduces readmittence and gives better quality of life for all.

Physiquipe work closely with NHS centres all over the country, so please get in touch to find out how we can help address your specific challenges.

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