Biomechanical Analysis

For researchers and applied biomechanics practitioners alike, the ability to integrate and synchronise multiple biomechanical assessment technologies under the umbrella of a single software has always been a challenge. Noraxon’s myoRESEARCH version MR 310, with the new myoForce Module is a software solution designed to give users access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback and extensive customisable reporting and analysis capabilities.

Biomechanics Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • + Biomechanical Analysis

    Noraxon have been producing research grade biomechanical analysis systems for over 25 years. The system allows you to work with surface EMG, Video Analysis, 3D Motion and Pressure analysis in one complete lab or in modular. The new portable lab allows you to conduct your analysis in the field but still with research grade data.

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  • + Objective Physical Rehabilitation

    The BTE PrimusRS is cutting edge technology which allows you to recreate joint specific movements and real life everyday movements giving precise outcome measures. This can help with: Objective rehabilitation, pre season baseline testing and athlete medicals.The BTE PrimusRS is used by elite athletic trainers and strength coaches for objective, data-driven testing and training of athletes.

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    The BTE Eccentron – ‘Gain the Eccentric Resistance Advantage. Negative Resistance for Better Outcomes’. Eccentric muscle work occurs everyday when a muscle lengthens under force: as when lowering a weight, descending stairs, or walking down a hill. Eccentric work provides unique responses and benefits compared to concentric exercise.

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