Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation is an increasingly popular treatment method used by clinicians around the world.

Benefits for Clinician
• Quicker detection of restrictions in soft tissue
• Quicker and easier to break up tissue densities
• Helps reduce and heal scar tissue
• Easier on therapists hands
• Improving patient outcome whilst reducing clinical treatment time

Benefits for patients
• Significant increases in range of motion
• Treats acute and chronic conditions
• Reduce need for medication and surgery
• Decreased pain

These precision-engineered tools are designed with textured cross-hatch grippings to decrease fatigue and slippage for the therapist without sacrificing quality of treatment for the patient. Unlike many multi tools, HawkGrips are available in a variety of sizes with numerous treatment edges, including single and double bevels – this variety ensures precise treatment for patients of different sizes and age groups.

Large Handlebar – HG1
Medium Handlebar – HG2
Small Handlebar – HG3
Small Multi Curve – HG4
Medium Multi Curve – HG5
Large Multi Curve – HG6
Boomerang – HG7
Scanner – HG8
Tongue Depressor – HG9
3 tools – Introductory Set
6 tools – Silver Set
7 tools – Gold Set
9 tools – Platinum Set 


As well as premium tools we also offer premium education lead by the best instructors around the world. Our 1 day courses teach you how to utilise each tool for different areas around the body.

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The variety of conditions that can be treated with HawkGrips is extensive.

Here, we offer a sampling:

• Tendinopathies, such as lateral epicondilitis and Achilles tendinitis
• Ligament pain, such as chronic and acute ankle sprains
• Myofascial pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia, ITB syndrome, and plantar fasciitis
• Postural abnormalities, such as upper and lower cross syndrome
• Entrapment syndromes, such as carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome
• Scar tissue and adhesions, such as mature post-surgical scarring
• Oedema reduction, such as acute swelling and lymphoedema

“The variety of instruments allows any area of tissue to be targeted successfully”

Steve Kemp – England Football Association

“HawkGrips are an essential piece of kit used on a daily basis whilst working with elite athletes and the everyday champion”

Paul Williamson Spire Perform at St Georges Park

“In my estimation, HawkGrips are as advertised: superior to any such product on the market. The grips are a much needed upgrade”

Eric Waters – Head athletic trainer, Washington Wizards

CPD Training courses

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