KinTread Pressure Treadmill

The forZe™ instrumented treadmills are unique in that they are the only capacitive pressure treadmills in the world. With thousands of pre-calibrated capacitive sensors built into the treadmill’s deck, the KinTread is extremely accurate and user-friendly.

The analysis of force and pressure distribution during standing, walking, and running can be completed in less than 30 seconds. All pressure, spatial, and temporal parameters are compared in an easy-to-read report that also provides side-by-side comparisons. Optional “safety arch” and high speed options make the KinTread is the perfect solution for sports performance applications.

Speed – 0.1 – 15.5mph, optional upgrade to 24.8mph

Motor – 4.5 continuous HP

Running Surface – 66.9” x 25.6” Treadbelt

Elvation/Decline – 0 – 28% incline

Range – 1 – 120 N

User Weight Capacity – 440 lbs

Reverse Belt Speed – Optional Reverse Belt Rotation

Number of sensors – 4576

  • Instrumented deck with Capacitive Sensors
  • 170 x 65cm Running Surface
  • 4,576 Sensors
  • 132 x 56cm Sensor Area
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • USB connection
  • 220V Power supply

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