Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of acute and chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system.

Why ShockWave?

  • Non invasive treatment
  • Pin point pain at it’s source
  • Acoustic waves to target tissue at varying depths
  • Treat acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints
  • Reduced treatment time

Why PiezoWave2?

  • Linear and focused therapy source – scan a larger area
  • Single layer and double layer technology
  • Piezo – Technology – lower running costs
  • Finely adjustable penetration depth
  • Lower noise level – less painful
  • Ipad holder – display patient information and treatment charts
Focused and linear therapy- for pin pointed and macro treatments

The piezo-electric principle offers an extensive range of configurations. The only one of its kind in the world, the PiezoWave2 allows users to choose between a classic focused therapy source and a linear focused soundwave.

Why PiezoWave2 and MyACT are Unique

Other companies providing compression devices to treat musculoskeletal conditions do not utilize sound waves to create the compression. These devices rely on a percussive application to the outer layer of soft tissue with the hope that the resulting pressure will translate through the tissue to the targeted injury. The deeper the targeted structure the higher the impact required to the outer soft tissue layer with diminishing clinical results due to pressure absorption and increased patient discomfort at the point of contact.

PiezoWave2 sends an array of sound waves effortlessly and without sensation through soft tissue to the desired, controlled depth and at that point the sound focuses to create the compression. This results in a more controlled and effective delivery of energy along with greater patient compliance to the therapy.

The two methods of delivery could not be more different and according to clinicians who have used both devices so are the clinical outcomes.

PiezoWave2 and MyACT – Benefiting you and your patients

Improving patient outcomes improves the growth of your patient base and your reputation as an informed provider of effective therapies. According to PiezoWave2 clinicians adoption of MyACT has grown their patient base on an average of 25%.

Conditions treatable with MyACT

A sound approach to treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints. MyACT describes the use of acoustic waves to target tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate tissue resulting in a focused and precise deep tissue massage. The results of the mechanical stimulus delivered by MyACT can lead to increased circulation and pain relief – key components in the healing process. MyACT is widely used in the musculosceletal system such as myofascial dysfunction and pain associated with triggerpoints.

  • Soft tissue strains
  • Myofascial dysfunction
  • Trigger points
  • Tendinopathy
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Dysfunction in transitional regions between tendons and muscles

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