Lymphoedema is an issue which affects approximately 140,000 people in the UK. Our solutions aid in both early detection of the condition as well as managing it.

  • + Body Composition Assessment

    SozoPro is the worlds first interactive health monitor to use Impedimed’s patented bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology. The device is used to monitor a persons fluid status and overall body composition including fat mass and extracellular fluid. Measuring fluid and fat content in Lymphoedema patients allows the clinician to specifically determine the levels of oedema and fat tissue which can aid with the diagnosis and treatment of a patient. For a measurement which takes 30 seconds, this will reduce the impact on your clinical time too.

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  • + Early Detection Solutions

    L-Dex is a tool which provides an instant measurement of fluid to assist clinical assessments of early onset Lymphoedema. The simple, objective, repeatable measurement can be tracked over time, meaning better clinical decisions can be made to help manage the early onset of the condition. “Periodic monitoring of women at high risk of Lymphoedema with BIS allows early detection and timely intervention for Lymphoedema, which reduces the incidence of clinical Lymphoedema from 36.4% to 4.4%”. Soran, A., et al (2014).

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  • + Treatment

    We have collected new, forward thinking, non-invasive treatment methods for the management of Lymphoedema. A number of specialist tools which can help to stimulate lymphatics and manipulate fascia. These treatment methods have different impacts for lymphatics, scar tissue and fascia as well as reducing the impact on the clinicians hands whilst maintaining positive results.

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