Physiquipe provide unique access to the very latest objectivity & evidence based medical technology & training. We bring innovative products, proven in other parts of the world, into the UK and Europe to address some of the biggest and most costly medical conditions.

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How Technology Can Differentiate & Elevate Your Private Practice – Webinar

  About In this webinar we talk to Angela Botha, Chartered Physiotherapist and Director at Physiolistic. Angela will be discussing how...

Soft Tissue and Pain Management
LymphaTouch, Myofascial Decompression Therapy – Fact Finding Webinar

  About Predominantly in clinic, we utilise positive pressure treatments i.e. trigger points, massage etc., which have been proven to be...

Soft Tissue and Pain Management
Ask the Expert: Shockwave Therapy – Webinar (Co-Hosted with ELvation)

  Ask our Shockwave Therapy expert Dr. Anders Broegaard a question...  This webinar will be a 1-hour Q&A session where Anders...

Soft Tissue and Pain Management
Soft Tissue Management Strategies for Scar Therapy – Webinar

    About In this webinar we will be looking at how a variety of tools and techniques can work in...

Soft Tissue and Pain Management

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