Physiquipe provide unique access to the very latest objectivity & evidence based medical technology. We bring innovative products, proven in other parts of the world, into the UK and Europe to address some of the biggest and most costly medical conditions.

Our solutions address: Biomechanical Analysis; Body Composition; Erectile Dysfunction; Hand Therapy; Lymphoedema; Neck and Back; Soft Tissue & Pain Management; Burns & Scarring.

We operate in two ways – through our products and equipment and through our product training. Our key markets include: Elite Sport; NHS; Occupational Health; Private Hospitals; Private Practice & Universities – all with the core objective of offering improved outcomes in shorter periods of time.

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Meet the team

Andy Thomas


Andy's bio

How Physiquipe came about

I left university with a degree in Sports Science and a particular interest in physical rehabilitation. Prior to Physiquipe, I was as a client relationship manager working with healthcare professionals across the UK. During this period I travelled extensively, visiting some of the best medical facilities around the world and meeting inspirational, dedicated people committed to enhancing the rehabilitation of their clients. I could see that the U.K was not at the forefront of technological innovation in various aspects of rehabilitation, and I realised there was an opportunity to bring the best technology from around the world to help raise the standards of healthcare. I had built up great relationships with both manufacturers and clients, so I was able to select products which were going to have the biggest impact for clinical outcomes.

Why do you do what you do?

I have always had a passion for health and fitness as well as for helping people. I love the challenge of searching for new and innovative ways to help both patients and clinicians. I also believe that equipment is of no benefit unless it is used by the right people in the correct circumstances. This is why we have such a focus on education through the Physiquipe Academy. All of our suppliers from around the world share our philosophy of education rather than ‘sales’. I love my ‘work’ and feel very privileged to be able to work with our team and with clients each and every day.

One person you want to have dinner with and why

Michael Jordan. The greatest sportsman of all time and also a very successful business man.

Dominic Smith

Clinical Applications Specialist

Dominic's bio

Job Role

Provide training, treatment and consultancy for the application of the specialist equipment Physiquipe provide for patients and clinicians. Develop new and innovative care pathways and treatments which will benefit patient outcomes.

Why you do what you do?

I love to help people. Improving care in the NHS, private healthcare or the care to our own patients at Physiquipe Clinics is what gets me up in the morning and motivates me throughout the week, knowing that we are making a difference and improving the standards of healthcare across the UK and Ireland.

One person you want to have dinner with and why

It would have to be David Attenborough. The guy is an absolute legend and his voice and knowledge is incredible. I love animals and the environment so would love to chat with him about that but he must have some amazing advise and outlooks on life too.

Abbie Brooks

Clinical Account Manager

Abbie's Bio

Job Role

To provide medical professionals with an insight into Physiquipe’s very best evidence-based technology, training and innovative solutions that address medical conditions across a wide range of markets.

Why do you do what you do?

As a biomedical scientist, my passion revolves around all things science. It has always been my ambition to give back to an industry that has provided us all with so much, and integrate my medical knowledge with the intention of achieving worldwide progression in healthcare. To be able to achieve this by doing something I love is so important to me.

One person you want to have dinner with and why

Sir Mo Farah is not only one of the world’s leading sporting phenomenon’s, but an icon with the most loving personality and highly competitive drive that I feel as though I can definitely relate to. I imagine that he would have so many crazy stories to tell, the perfect dinner guest (especially if we get to feast on a pre-marathon pasta party).

Mary Joyner

Operations and Marketing Manager

Mary's bio

Job Role

In the title? I manage all things marketing such as the website, social media channels, PR, content creation, designs and branding, along with coordinating the Physiquipe academy which includes educational courses and seminars. I also look all the finances, deliveries/orders and most importantly making sure everyone has had their caffeine fix.

Why do you do what you do?

Getting our core message to the right people to enhance and improve the way they currently work is very important to me. The digital world is growing rapidly and is a very powerful source to reach and educate customers in an interesting and interactive way.

One person you want to have dinner with and why

Andy Murray for his sense of humour and vibrant personality… And minor achievements. It would have to be a light dinner as we would need time for a hit afterwards.

Ryan Gordon

Certified HawkGrip Instructor

Ryan's bio

Job Role

As a Sports Rehabilitator I will oversee a number of musculoskeletal conditions from lower back pain to ACL Rehabilitation. We will go through and orthopaedic assessment to find your pain or limitations and provide treatments involving exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage and mobilisations to best help you with recovery. I am also involved with the delivery and training of our soft tissue management courses involving HawkGrips and PhysioTouch.

Why do you do what you do?

As a Rugby player I am forever getting injured and use to be in the Physio room at least once a week. That gave me an insight and into treatment and rehabilitation to help overcome injuries. There is no better feeling knowing you have helped someone whether it be eliminating pain, or helping someone on the road to recovery aiming to get you back doing what you enjoy as soon as possible.

One person you want to have dinner with and why

Margot Robbie, an Australian Actress, need I say more!!!

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