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Evaluate, rehab and track progress with Isotonic, Isometric, Isokinetic & CPM resistance modes.

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Evaluate, rehab, and track progress with Isotonic, Isometric, Isokinetic, & CPM resistance modes. PrimusRS physical therapy equipment is the premier choice for evidence-based physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine.

The BTE PrimusRS is also used by elite athletic trainers and strength coaches for objective, data-driven testing and training of athletes. With smooth resistance modes, adjustable height, and a full set of functional attachments, PrimusRS can replicate nearly any functional task or activity of daily living.

This high performance physical therapy equipment and rehabilitation system combines the features of over four different machines into one compact product to meet the needs of any OT, PT, or industrial client.

The BTE PrimusRS is the cornerstone of an efficient, evidence based physical/physiotherapy or occupational therapy practice. Primus rehabilitation equipment captures and reports real time objective data in Isotonic, Isometric, CPM, and Isokinetic resistance modes – from initial patient evaluation through rehabilitation and return to function.  Measure your patients’ baseline, provide objective, safe rehabilitation, track their progress over the course of rehab, and objectively assess their return to function and improvement – all with  BTE PrimusRS rehabilitation equipment.

  • The chance to test the system yourself
  • Latest information of functional capacity evaluation and rehab
  • How to generate more revenue by offering new and improved services to new and existing customers
  • Q & A with BTE team

Who is this for?

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist

What you will gain

  • CPD hours
  • Insights into new technologies


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