“Considerations and clinical applications of mechanically assisted negative pressure therapy for orthopaedic and oncological populations.”

Presented by Ken Johnson, PT, and Heather Prender, PT DPT CLT-LANA

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital have been using the targeted negative pressure device, LymphaTouch, since 2011 and seen amazing results over the years. Due to the results from the LymphaTouch treatments, they have now integrated 20 units across the Oncology and Lymphoedema departments over 10 sites. Therapists were initially sceptical of the LymphaTouch as they felt their hands were the ‘best thing’, but now the device is a crucial part of the care they offer at the hospital.

Clinical uses for the LymphaTouch

  • Lymphoedema – Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Post Operative Care – Scar tissue and myofascial restrictions

Benefits of LymphaTouch  

  • Decreases pain
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves lymphatic flow

Operating principle of the LymphaTouch

  1. Applies a negative pressure which stretches underlying tissue (skin/fascia)
  2. Moves anchoring filaments dilating openings of the lymphatic capillary
  3. The pumping mechanism is activated and the lymph flow increases further
  4. Lymph mechanism stays active for at least 4 hours

LymphaTouch features

  • Pressure adjustable between 20mmHg – 250mmHg
  • Vibrating and pulse settings

Watch the full webinar here: