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Natalie Perkins – From Big Hesitation to Great Impression
21st August 2019

Natalie Perkins, Physiotherapist I am a Physiotherapist with an additional degree in exercise physiology with nearly 30 years of experience almost... Read More
Treating Complex Pain with PiezoWave2 with Dr. Grove Higgins
16th August 2019

  PiezoWave2 Evaluation at Neuroathlete After completing a month-long evaluation using PiezoWave2 in his practice, Dr. Higgins quickly saw the value... Read More
The Importance of Lymphatic Drainage in Cosmetic Surgery
6th August 2019

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: An Integral Component of Postoperative Care in Plastic Surgery Patients. By Laurie A. Casad, MD FACS; Patricia... Read More
Vocational Rehabilitation for Rolls Royce
1st August 2019

By Sarah Holt, Occupational Therapist Vocational Rehabilitation, London Road Community Hospital Derby   In Group Rehabilitation Occupational Therapists have been providing... Read More
Applications of Mechanically Assisted Negative Pressure Therapy – Webinar
15th May 2019

“Considerations and clinical applications of mechanically assisted negative pressure therapy for orthopaedic and oncological populations.” Presented by Ken Johnson, PT, and…

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Focused Shockwave and Musculoskeletal Conditions
3rd May 2019

Many clinicians are faced with the challenge of having conditions which are hard to treat with conventional methods. Bryan Kelly, from…

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Are you REALLY using Shockwave Therapy?
29th March 2019

In healthcare, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) has grown more and more in popularity over the last 2 decades for the treatment…

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Musgrave Park Case Study
8th March 2019

The biggest clinical challenges we face are clients with muscle imbalance and lack of full range of movement or power in…

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How the Pulvertaft Hand Centre use the BTE PrimusRS
12th February 2019

With Katie Horton (Senior Physio Therapist) and Ian Shelton (Senior Occupational Therapist) What patients do you see? At the Pulvertaft Hand…

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Living with Osteoarthritis and unsure what to do?
11th February 2019

Living with Osteoarthritis and unsure what to do? Often people who have been given this diagnosis are left feeling unsure what…

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