We had a full house at Royal Derby Hospital for the BTE PrimusRS User meeting on Wednesday 18th April. The day was for existing users of the BTE equipment who came to share ideas, network with other users and learn extra tips from their fellow users and the BTE team. We had attendees from academia, the NHS as well as industry from all over the UK including from Sunderland, London and the South West. This included clinicians who have been using the system for over twenty years to those who have only just been introduced to the technology. The format comprised of case studies and practical demonstrations on a wide range of topics including:


Working with Industry – How the BTE PrimusRS can be used as an income generation tool in the changing financial climate. Derby Community Hospital have been working with Rolls Royce providing vocational rehabilitation. The combination of objective testing and rehabilitation with their clinical skills has enabled them to generate £20,000 in their first year. They have increased their charges and anticipate both demand and income to grow in year 2. Please contact us for the full case study.

HGV Driver with upper limb injury – The functional capabilities combined with objective data of the PrimusRS means it is a great tool for replications of Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). The team at Leicester Royal Infirmary demonstrated how the PrimusRS is used to replicate the functional tasks to enable this person to return to work.

Neurological conditions – This project was to help people suffering with neurological conditions return to independence in as short a time as possible. The Sports Science team at The University of Sunderland are finding the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) with a target force a great tool to make sure the client is challenged during the exercise and to provide feedback as an education tool to teach the client the correct movement with force control.

Using the BTE PrimusRS in end stage rehabilitation – As well as providing objective data, the home screen allows the set up of a functional movement which can be integrated in to other rehabilitation methods. This session showed the system being utilised within an end stage rehabilitation circuits class.

Research opportunities –The PrimusRS is widely used to collect data in a number of areas in research institutions. There is also an increased demand and desire to produce further data at an applied clinical level. This session discussed the work flow for what is best practice for a good research project.

Applications in Hand Therapy – The BTE PrimusRS was devised by a hand surgeon over 40 years ago and is currently being utilised in over 30 hand therapy centres in the UK. This presentation discussing how the PrimusRS has become an indispensible tool for this clinician who has over 15 years experience of using it within hand therapy.


It was great to see how one piece of equipment is being used so creatively to help their clients return to function with the outcome measures the BTE PrimusRS produces. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Royal Derby Hospital for hosting the meeting.