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Return to Work for a COVID-19 Patient – Case Study
16th September 2020

Return to work for COVID-19 patients... Sarah Holt and the Group Rehabilitation Team at London Road Community Hospital in Derby have... Read More
Eccentric Exercise: Go Ahead, Resist…
3rd September 2020

Eccentric exercise: Go ahead, resist… Eccentric exercise, muscles lengthening under force, has long been recognised as highly effective by Orthopaedic and... Read More
An Eclectic Management of Lower Back Pain Webinar
3rd September 2020

An Eclectic Management of Lower Back Pain... We recently ran an educational webinar around the management of lower back pain. We... Read More
A Real Pain in the Neck!
2nd September 2020

A Real Pain in the Neck! Our morning webinar session last week with Natalie Perkins on “the biomechanical approach to neck... Read More
New Sports Medicine Facility Invest in Alpinion
13th August 2020

We are delighted to be working with Dr Robertson at his very impressive new facility in Fylde, Lancashire. We have been... Read More
Dan’s Fund for Burns with Polly Brooks MBE
10th July 2020

Over the last 18 months, Physiquipe have been working with Dans Fund For Burns (DFFB) who have donated 12 LymphaTouch devices... Read More
How LymphaTouch Can Complement Your Current Manual Therapy Protocols
30th June 2020

By: John Pecora, DC. Published by: Performance Health Academy “Overuse or repetitive trauma injuries represent approximately 50% of all sport-related injuries. It is... Read More
Interview with Sonographer – Richard Brindley
15th April 2020

Richard Brindley, Consultant Sonographer   HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED IN RADIOLOGY? After A Levels I did a degree in radiography…

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Treatment to Help Secondary Lymphoedema Patients with Swelling and Discomfort
20th March 2020

Justine Asghar is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist who works at the Renovatio Clinic in Cheshire. Justine has been using the... Read More
diagnostic ultrasound demonstration
MSK Sonographer Consultant – Across the UK and Ireland
11th February 2020

MSK SONOGRAPHER CONSULTANT We are currently recruiting for sonographers for an exciting consultancy role within our diagnostic ultrasound MSK project. Physiquipe... Read More