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Is Technology Becoming Over Relied Upon?
10th December 2019

By Andy Thomas, Director of Physiquipe   I was at a presentation by Dave Fevre recently where he spoke of his…

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PiezoWave2 for the Treatment of Vascular ED
11th November 2019

Linear focused shockwave is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of vascular ED and other urological conditions. It is a first-line... Read More
How Can the LymphaTouch be Applied in Amputee Rehabilitation?
6th November 2019

LymphaTouch - Amputee Rehabilitation Following amputation of limbs, common complications include; Residual limb oedema Scarring and soft tissue contractures Pain Secondary... Read More
“PiezoWave2 – Nothing Beats It”
24th October 2019

"PiezoWave2 - nothing beats it!" Justin Bartholomew is the owner and lead clinician of the Halifax Chiropractic Centre and has been... Read More
How much do you value your hands?
18th October 2019

By Dominic Smith, Clinical Applications Specialist   Hand injury is the second most common work-related musculoskeletal injury among physical therapists (PTs)... Read More
Erectile Dysfunction: A Quick Stop 101 Guide
13th September 2019

Sometimes it’s challenging to ignore the stigma. Being able to engage with the issue and educate yourself on the various causes…

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Interview with Chiropractor Dr. Anders Broegaard
11th September 2019

Dr Broegaard is a former president of the Danish Chiropractic Association and a current board member of the Danish Clinical Society... Read More
Natalie Perkins – From Big Hesitation to Great Impression
21st August 2019

Natalie Perkins, Physiotherapist I am a Physiotherapist with an additional degree in exercise physiology with nearly 30 years of experience almost... Read More
Treating Complex Pain with PiezoWave2 with Dr. Grove Higgins
16th August 2019

  PiezoWave2 Evaluation at Neuroathlete After completing a month-long evaluation using PiezoWave2 in his practice, Dr. Higgins quickly saw the value... Read More
The Importance of Lymphatic Drainage in Cosmetic Surgery
6th August 2019

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: An Integral Component of Postoperative Care in Plastic Surgery Patients. By Laurie A. Casad, MD FACS; Patricia... Read More