Physiquipe Clinic is built around offering the most advanced technology on the market. We provide physical diagnosis, treatments and rehabilitation programmes for back, shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle pain, as well as comprehensive assessment and maintenance for both professional and amateur athletes.
As a company we supply some of the most elite institutions in the world (such as Manchester City FC, Team GB, British Armed Forces, the Irish Strength Institute and many more). As a clinic, our aim is to make this equipment and level of treatment accessible to all levels of sporting participation and activity as well as the general public.
Physiquipe is located at Manchester’s premier rackets club, The Northern in Didsbury.

What we offer

  • + Acupuncture

    Medical Acupuncture, also known as dry needling, is an adaption from ‘traditional chinese’ acupuncture method. The treatment involves inserting fine needles into trigger points in the muscle tissue and helps musculoskeletal related conditions. It is used to promote a chemical release to help break the pain cycle, promote blood flow to release spasm, which in turn improves function and reduce pain. Our Physiquipe team provide medical acupuncture in conjunction with other treatment methods, such as massage, manual therapies and exercise.

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  • + Focused Shockwave Therapy

    Focused shockwave is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of acute and chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system.

    How does it work?

    Shockwave therapy is a modern and highly effective treatment option in orthopaedic and rehabilitation medicine. The term shockwave refers to mechanical pressure pulses that expand as a wave in the body.

    The easiest way to think of the energy created by a shockwave machine is to think of a Jacuzzi. Bubbles are generated outside of the body, the energy of the jets is focused on a certain area and the effect can be felt below the surface of your skin. The stronger the jet, the deeper the effect. Similarly, the more focused the jet, the more targeted the impact. Focused shockwave will specifically target the injured area and treat the injury at the piezo-electric transducer (treatment head).  If the pain is affecting mobility and activities of daily living due to muscle or fascial tightness, tendonopathy, or joint stiffness, focused shockwave, combined with a comprehensive treatment plan of exercise, physiotherapy, and/or ergotherapy may help people who have not had success with traditional treatments.

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  • + Running and Gait Analysis

    Running analysis is a useful tool to help you recover from and prevent injury, and to enhance your running performance.

    The screening looks to assess your current running gait and physical characteristics. By building up an accurate profile of how you move as a runner, we can plan your training and injury prevention strategies to ensure that you’re making the most of your training time. The assessment involves testing your mobility, strength and movement control, this is followed by an assessment on the Noraxon Treadmill. The treadmill will measure various parameters to assess your running gait, this information is combined with a visual assessment of how you move when you run. All of the data is combined and we pick out key parameters as areas for improvement, this allows us to create a bespoke running and rehab programme for you.

    How could it benefit me?

    If you’re injured: This in depth assessment can help us to diagnose your injury and establish the root cause. This can lead to faster recovery and a decreased risk of re-injury in the future. You’ll also know that you’re targeting your rehab to specific areas for improvement.

    If you’re trying to prevent injury: By identifying weaknesses, we can create a plan for you to address them before they become a problem. This is perfect if you’re just starting out with running or if you’re just about to make a step up to a new distance or race.

    If you’re looking to increase performance: Making small tweaks to your running form  and improving your strength and mobility can have a huge effect on your running efficiency. By making you more efficient, we can make you faster and less prone to injury.

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  • + Soft Tissue Treatments

    We use a combination of treatment methods such as negative pressure (LymphaTouch), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (HawkGrips)and manual therapy to maximise tissue healing and repair.

    • Faster detection of restrictions in soft tissue areas
    • Faster and easier to break up tissue densities
    • Helps reduce and heal scar tissue

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  • + Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is a great way to release stress and tension throughout the body. It can speed up recovery during training, help to recover from an injury or for maintenance. Sports is deeper in pressure, using various techniques to promote the healing of the soft tissues. Benefits of Sports Massage include:

    Improved Circulation – Massage helps to stimulate blood flow and aids in removal of waste products from the soft tissues.
    Reduced Tension – muscles can increase in tone from training or overuse, causing ‘tightness’ or pain, with manipulation of the soft tissues Massage helps to reduce this ‘tight’ feeling.
    Pain reduction – a release of endorphins to aid relaxation of the tissues and reduce pain.
    Relaxation & reduce stress – Massage generates heat which allows muscles to relax.
    Assisting in preventing injury – keeping the connective soft tissues relaxed and lengthened it aids better movement of the body to allow you to train and move around easier!

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Treatments (by condition)

  • + Back Pain

    Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the western world an extremely common symptom in both general and sporting populations, and one of the most common causes for being absent at work. Affecting 85% of the population at some point in their lives the cost to the economy is astronomical. Persistent back pain can also lead to a personal and social burden, affecting quality of life. There are many causes of lower back pain often being provoked and relived by certain movements and postures known as mechanical symptoms. Other causes are more constant and widespread, inconsistent in nature and lasting longer than normal tissue recovery, referred to as non-mechanical.

    With the back being surrounded by our major organs, nerve pathways and extensive soft tissue, this is not an area to overlook. There are many different resources available online to provide you with tips and exercises. If you are experiencing back pain, pop in to see one of our clinicians who will be able to assess, treat, rehabilitate and guide you on the road to recovery.

  • + Neuro

    The LymphaTouch releases tissue structures and restore normal function to the neural tissue. At the same time, metabolic activity in the surrounding tissue is stimulated so that harmful particles are removed from the target area.

  • + Post Operative

    Whether you have undergone shoulder surgery or an ACL reconstruction to your knee, the post-operative stage of your recovery is as, if not more important than the operation itself. Surgery can be very traumatic to both the joint/structure involved as well as the areas surrounding it. Combining this with long periods of rest and the inactivity due to the injury, the subsequent weakness throughout the body and around the injured structure, can be very damaging. A well-structured rehabilitation program, as well as scar tissue management, is crucial in the recovery phase and failure to do this can result in secondary injury either to the same structure or elsewhere in the body.

  • + Scarring

    Scars are often regarded as something you have to ‘live with’ – not anymore. That scar you have from your:

    • Knee op
    • Appendicitis removal
    • Hernia repair
    • Caesarean
    • Cosmetic surgery

    and any other procedure can be treated!

    Scar tissue can have an impact on other parts of your body (eg a scar on your knee can lead to back pain), so it is really important to remove it as quickly as possible.

    LymphaTouch can drastically diminish the appearance of scars and reduce the feelings of tightness and pain by its revolutionary method. Negative pressure lifts the skin in a PAIN FREE manner and helps ‘grab hold’ and break down the scar tissue in the area.

    We treat scars that are old and new, so:
    If you have just come out of surgery and have been discharged from hospital with no aftercare service or have that old (even 30 years ago) scar that is still causing you problems.


    • Reduce pain & tension from your scar
    • Release tightness
    • Reduce swelling & inflammation
    • Make scar less visible
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Speed up recovery

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Running Lab

The running analysis lab at Physiquipe combines video and pressure analysis to help both people suffering with pain/injury, or for those wanting to maximise their performance. We use a highly sensitive instrumented treadmill, as a diagnostic to get to the root of your walking/running pain.

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Physiquipe Clinic is fitted with a unique combination rehabilitation equipment that provides a step change in achieving objective measurement and documentation of assessments, treatment and outcomes and in supporting decision making throughout the continuum of care.

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We use and supply equipment from market leading suppliers: AlterG, BTE, Hawkgrips, Impedimed, Noraxon, PiezoWave2 and LymphaTouch.

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