Physiquipe Clinic is fitted with a unique combination rehabilitation equipment that provides a step change in achieving objective measurement and documentation of assessments, treatment and outcomes and in supporting decision making throughout the continuum of care.

The clinic has been created as a referal centre for organisations that wish to benefit from access to this equipment.

If you are a Case Manager, Solicitors, Insurance Company, Private Practice Physio, Sports Teams Trainer/Therapist, GP’s or Personal Trainer then we can work with you to support your patients. Physiquipe offer full access to the facility and our on-site clinicians for organisations who need objective data to measure client injuries and progress.

Working with either with your team or directly with your patient can carry out:
• Functional capacity evaluations
• Baseline strength measurements
• Functional progress analysis
• Isolated joint testing
• Orthopedic evaluation

Co-efficient of variation testing can be built into all our evaluations to ensure patients/clients give honest and genuine effort.

As well as assessment we can also offer programmes of rehabilitation including:
• Cardiac and pulmonary
• Lower extremity
• Upper extremity/hand therapy
• Neuro-muscular
• Performance evaluation in training
• Sports medicine
• Work/task simulation
• Work conditioning and hardening
• Lower limb anti-gravity rehab

All our testing and rehad will provide full reporting that is fully valid in medico-legal proceedings and we can also develop bespoke assessment programmes where required.

You can find out more about our testing and rehab offerings as well as our equipment on this site, however the best way to find out how we can help you/your clients is to come along to the clinic to see it for yourselves.

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