The Use of IASTM in Equine Market

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) is not only becoming increasingly popular within human patients, but also within the equine market. IASTM are tailored instruments used to break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions in soft tissue. Lee Clark, Human and Equine Physiotherapist, has been using the HawkGrip IASTM tools over the last few years:

“The HawkGrip tools are extremely useful for both my human and equine patients.

There is a huge increase in the amount of people using manual techniques particularly in horses from massage to myofascial therapy. Therapists are also more aware of the increasing number of years we are expected to work and the cumulative toll this takes on our bodies, especially our hands. The tools allow us to reduce the pressure on our hands, wrists and arms whilst increasing the depth of penetration of our manual therapy techniques.

The HawkGrip tools are at the top end of the quality range! The tools that I find most useful for horses are the scanner, the boomerang, the handlebar and small multi curve (see image below). These tools allow you to treat the majority of average sized horses.”

Lee Clark – Equine and Human Physiotherapist


IASTM in Equine

Photo Credit: Functional Physiotherapy


HawkGrips also provide top quality IASTM courses across the UK and Ireland. The 1 day certification courses cover all the necessary skills to safely begin IASTM. For more information and to see the upcoming course dates, follow this link.


IASTM in Equine

Photo Credit: Equine Physio Services