Interview with Chiropractor Dr. Anders Broegaard

Dr Broegaard is a former president of the Danish Chiropractic Association and a current board member of the Danish Clinical Society for ESWT. He has been in practice for 25 years experiencing various pieces of technology especially around shockwave. He has been using Piezowave2 for 7 years.


What conditions do you use Piezowave2 for?

We mainly use our Piezowave2 for tendinopathies, chronic cartilage and ligament lesions, muscle scar tissue after sprains and non-unions/stress fractures.

We also use the system very effectively for treating the paraspinals. This is the only shockwave system we use for this. Our normal protocol consists of 3-6 treatments targeting the deep medial paraspinal muscles 3-5 cm gelpad, 0,341 mJ for 1000 to 2000 shots per area and we mainly treat chronic disc degeneration/protrusion/prolapse patients who do not respond to other conservative treatment.


Why did you choose this system?

We find that the Piezowave2 produces a homogenous and dense focal zone at a higher pressure than its competitors, which is more effective to pain modulate our patients and they can easily feel a better effect and response during and after treatment especially at deeper target structures around the spine, hips and knees. Also taking into consideration that the Piezowave2 can deliver treatment at 8 Hz per second together with quick startup makes it our choice in the clinic due to shorter treatment time per patient. These mentioned parameters makes the Piezowave2 the most effective device in the chiropractic clinics.


How do you justify the investment?

The Piezowave2 technology is also the product with the lowest maintenance cost. For most clinics the economical cost will be covered after 8-10 treatments per month, which is easily reached due to treating existing patients already receiving treatment for spinal problems, who also have other sports and overuse injuries. So the patient base is already at hand and referral will come from patients getting positive results. Word of mouth is where we get most of our business from especially in the sports community like soccer clubs, running clubs etc.


1989-1993 BSc Chiropractic AECC

1993-1994 Doctor of Chiropractic Diploma

1994-1996 Private Practice (UK, Italy and Denmark)

1995-1997 Chiropractic Post Grad Education Programme

1998-2001 President (Danish Chiropractic Assoc.)

2001-2004 Board Member (Danish Chiropractic Assoc.)

2010-2012 EFSUMB Level 2 MSK Ultrasound Diploma

1996- Owner + Clinic Manager (Spine + Sports Injury Clinic)

2015- Board Member Danish Clinical Society for ESWT