Living with Osteoarthritis and unsure what to do?

Often people who have been given this diagnosis are left feeling unsure what they should and shouldn’t do and what may make it worse or if there’s anything they can do to help it! In clinic this is something we see regularly and there is plenty that can be done!

Our top 3 tips:

  1. Healthy and active lifestyle – activity is not the enemy in fact it’s the opposite- a sedentary lifestyle WILL increase your symptoms.
  2. Pain management – this doesn’t just mean taking a load of pain medication, there are other options that can ease your pain.
  3. Supportive Therapies – regular massages and performing specifically designed strengthening exercises will help maintain and prevent excessive deterioration, leading to reduced pain and increased functionality.



Let us help you! We can provide treatments to ease your symptoms and design specific management programs to help with your day to day living or return to your favourite weekend hobby.

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