60 – 80% of the population will suffer with lower back pain at some point in their life. Our Sports Rehabilitator, Ryan Gordon, shares 4 simple lower back exercises to help stretch and strengthen the area:


Cat Camel Stretch

Start in a neutral four-point position on your hands and knees, and round your back from an arched position. It should feel like a gentle stretch to your lower back. Don’t over-arch your back; keep it comfortable. Use a band, grasp either end with your hand and wrap band around your low back.

Sets: 3 | Repetitions: 10


Back Extension Medium

Lie on your front, and rest on your forearms. Straighten your arms to a 90 degree position as shown. Hold this position. Your back will be arched. Start gently with this exercise as it can cause some stiffness when you first begin.

Sets: 3 | Repetitions: 8 | Time: hold for 6-8 seconds



Horse-Stance Opposite Lift

Go on to all fours and keep good posture. Draw your tummy inwards (towards the ceiling). Lift your hand and opposite knee upwards 1cm and hold this position. Repeat each side. This is a great core stability and core control exercise to work the abdominal muscles.

Sets: 3 | Repetitions: 8


Hip flexor stretch

In a kneeling lunge position, move your body forwards to create a stretch to the front of your thigh and slightly into your groin. Place your foot on a stool to create an extra stretch. Use a pillow under your knee if you find you need the padding. If you need to make the stretch stronger, tilt your pelvis backwards as shown below.

You can also perform this exercise in standing using a table. Hook one foot on the edge of the table whilst balancing on the other foot. Keep your posture nice and tall, put your hands on your hips and push forward. For an increased stretch, squat down slightly on the balancing limb.

Sets: 1 | Repetitions: 3 | Time: Hold each repetition for 30-45 seconds | Both sides