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– [Clinic Name] is now offering LymphaTouch to help with, swelling and inflammation, pain, scarring and muscular tightness.
– LymphaTouch is a targeted negative pressure system used to reduce pain and inflammation in musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Give [Clinic Name] a call now on [Clinic Number] to see how you could benefit!
– Muscle spasms, recovering from a muscle strain? LymphaTouch can help relieve that pain quickly and get you back on your feet!
– Stimulating your lymphatic system is key to helping your body recover and heal. LymphaTouch stimulates this system better than any other treatment and gets you on the road to recovery quicker!
– Are you tight and have limited movement? LymphaTouch, with its’ refined suction therapy, helps decompress your tissues and relieves that tightness rapidly! Try it for yourself – book with us at [Clinic Name]
– Sprained ankle or wrist? Try LymphaTouch at [Clinic Name] and see rapid relief of pain, swelling and inflammation.
– Wanting to become active again but you have been suffering from back, hip or knee pain for a long time? LymphaTouch can help – book in and try it for yourself! [Clinic Number/email]
– At some point people experience muscle and joint pain in their lives. At [Clinic Name] we understand the importance of reducing your pain quickly and effectively to get you back to your best. Call us now on [Clinic number] to discuss the advanced treatments we offer.
– Struggling to fully recover from a recent injury? Why not give LymphaTouch a try here [Clinic Name] and feel the results for yourself!
– Do you suffer from Arthritis? Can’t seem to find anything to help with the swelling and pain? Here at [Clinic Name] we offer the latest advanced treatments to help. Give us a call now on [Clinic Number] for fast and effective results!
– Back pain stopping you from enjoying the little things in life? Why not try LymphaTouch to decompress that pain at [Clinic Name]. Feel like a new person in as little as 1 session! Call us now on [Clinic Number]
– Recently had surgery and struggling with pain and swelling? LymphaTouch is a staple treatment for surgical recovery at [Clinic Name]. Book a consultation and try LymphaTouch and feel your pain, swelling and inflammation drain away! Call [Clinic Number]
– Ever tried cupping? – why not try our advanced cupping therapy – LymphaTouch – a refined, advanced version of cupping that is more effective, doesn’t leave bruises and ultimately gets you pain free quicker! Give us a call on [Clinic Number]
– Struggle with chronic swelling? LymphaTouch is one of the most effective treatments available for treating swelling and pain. The negative pressure opens your body’s drainage system naturally and pain free. See results in the first session! Book now [Clinic Number]
– LymphaTouch treatment aids the treatment of a number of injuries relating to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and have been demonstrated to encourage quicker healing of soft tissue injuries.
– For high impact sports, like football or rugby, a whole body lymphatic drainage treatment with LymphaTouch is recommended to routinely detoxify your body and speed up the recovery process. Try LymphaTouch at [Clinic Name] and recover quicker!
– Has a painful knee injury stopped you from enjoying a daily run? Did you know that LymphaTouch can be used to reduce pain and inflammation? Try LymphaTouch and get back to running at [Clinic Name]
– Played a game this weekend and picked up a knock? Let us help!! LymphaTouch is one of the therapies we use to treat and manage acute injuries and swelling. Book your appointment now [Clinic Number]
– Tried everything to sort out your shoulder problem? Have you tried LymphaTouch at [Clinic Name] NO? Well you need to book yourself in with us and get that sorted. Call us now on [Clinic Number]
– Plantar fasciitis – it’s a real pain. Want some pain relief but also for it to get better? You need LymphaTouch, this treatment helps get you back on your feet pain free and back to what you do best. Call now [Clinic Number]]
– For acute injuries, combination therapy is the way forward.  But having LymphaTouch to speed up recovery as well as settle your pain, swelling and inflammation is important to get you on the mend! Book your appointment with [Clinic Name] [Clinic Number]
– Sports related sprains and strains? Therapy Station is now offering laser therapy for rapid relief of pain, swelling and inflammation.
– Heavy gym session this week, or a long run? Need to recover? Get your system flushed out with the most effective system available – LymphaTouch. Reduce that muscle soreness and get back in the gym or back on the run quicker
– Marathon season is coming up! Get your body in shape with [Clinic Name] and our therapies including LymphaTouch. Recover quicker and train harder and beat your PB!! Call us [Clinic Number]
– Keen to get back on the pitch and kick the ball around!? [Clinic Name] is now offering LymphaTouch for rapid relief of pain speeding up your recovery. Treatments are quick and painless and you will often feel the results during the first treatment.
– Want to access a treatment that is used by the top sports clubs and athletes, but think it is too expensive? Think again! LymphaTouch is used in elite sports world and we have it at [Clinic Name] – book your session now [Clinic Number]
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