We supply equipment solutions to help both patient
outcomes and get a return on investment

Elite Sport

Sports medicine is a massively growing area. We see our role as a consultant who can help you achieve the best possible outcomes within your department.

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In the current financial climate, Public health is under great scrutiny. The NHS is being put under increasing pressure to cut costs but maintain a high level of patient care. We believe in the NHS…

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Become a leader in your field and keep yourself and your department there in one fail swoop, using the very best technology sourced from around the world. University department can…

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Private Practice

Physiquipe work closely with private practices all over the country so please get in touch to find out how we can help address your specific challenges…

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Private Hospitals

This is a very crowded and competitive market place, so we can help you improve clinical outcomes whilst increasing profits. We see our role as a consultant to help you develop the areas of your business that you want to focus on…

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Occupational Health

It is important to keep your workforce in good physical and mental condition. Our solutions help to rehabilitate post injury but also predit and prevent them before they occur…

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