Achieve NHS efficiency – improve outcomes in fewer sessions and reduce treatment times and re-admittance – with proven innovation

The NHS is being put under increasing pressure to cut costs but maintain a high level of patient care. Our products help achieve this in public health policy around the world. While originating from the United States, Scandinavia and Australia, the solutions we provide are already operating effectively across the NHS – in hospitals, military hospitals, hospices, trusts and lymphoedema centres around the UK and Ireland. All the products we work with adhere to the QIPP framework:

Quality – proven and tested in other markets in the world – lead by world leading experts at institutions such as Johns Hopkins University.
Innovative – providing objectivity, data and improved outcome measures improving patient care pathways and the quality of treatment
Productive – reducing clinical treatment time, enhancing patient compliance or simply giving time and energy back to practitioners 
Preventative – using technology identify illness and disease way ahead of existing techniques or as prehabilitation

The NHS budget for the next five years is over £125 billion per year. It is critical is that this money is spent in the right way – in a way that increases efficency –  improving outcomes, reducing re-admittance and giving better quality of life for all. Ultimately, all of the products we supply to the NHS can help to achieve this with:

• Improved outcomes in fewer sessions
• Reduced clinical treatment time
• Reduced patient re-admittance

You can see our range of products below as well as the regular training evets we run for each product. We are also able to provide case studies and references from other NHS customers on request.

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