Occupational Health

Identify risks, change employee behavior, aggressively manage the health of the employee population – directly impacting the bottom line

Having a successful occupational health program in place reduces a company’s productivity losses when an injury or sickness occurs. Healthy employees are more motivated and have:

• Lower medical costs
• Reduced absenteeism
• Lower turnover rates

Sickness absence in Britain costs the economy an estimated £15 billion per year. This includes lost productivity/output, time spent on sickness absence management and healthcare. The majority of healthcare is reactive, costing both the employee, the employer and the state exponentially more to treat a condition.

As employee health costs continue to rise, employers are beginning to realise that the most cost-effective and impactful way to combat these high costs is to implement a comprehensive population health management (PHM) program – identifying risks, changing employee behavior, and aggressively managing the health of the employee population.

Physiquipe has a range of innovative occupational health solutions proven in other healthcare markets, that not only help to rehabilitate post injury but predict and prevent injury and illness before they occur – directly improving company returns.

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