Fluid Analysis

“Early detection of an improper balance in body composition allows for earlier intervention and prevention across a range of diseases.”

Fluid status and body composition is one of the most important aspects of fitness and health. Body composition, such as the amount of body fat and muscle mass, can significantly affect sporting performance. Every person is different therefore it is crucial to have an accurate measurement for each person so that treatment can be adapted and monitored in a way which promotes the best outcomes. Excess fat in relation to lean body mass, known as altered body composition, can greatly increase your risks to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. Our solutions offer early detection of an improper balance in body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention.

lymphoedema detection


SOZO is a new platform which uses BIS technology (bioimpedence spectroscopy NOT analysis – BIA). Monitoring body composition in a quick but very reliable way will help to enhance athletic performance as well as reduce the chance of injury. This technology is widely used within research due to the accurate data it produces (1% variability is a dexa scan). It is portable and takes literally seconds to take a reading. It will also allow you to plot your athletes changes over time.

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