Offer high impact research, innovation in teaching and income generation with new services

Universities & higher education institutions are expected operate at the front line of physical performance and rehabilitation – both in research and in teaching. Physiquipe work with universities across the UK to provide unique access to the very latest objectivity & evidence based medical technology & training that has been proven in other parts of the world.

We work across biomechanics/sports science; sport rehabilitation; nutrition; sports therapy and physiotherapy to help with:
• The production of research with real impact
• Teaching the very latest techniques to undergraduates & postgraduates
• Income generation through university owned clinical resources

We have a partner program offering student placements within our clinics and other business operations. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss this.

We also run a variety of subsidised workshops which we can run on site with university partners – there are more details in the themed areas below.

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