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Clarifying the Facts About Piezoelectric Technology

There has been some misleading information circulating about piezoelectric technology and the Piezowave2 system. Our goal here is to address and clarify these inaccuracies to ensure that you have the most accurate and reliable information.

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There has been some misleading information circulating about piezoelectric technology and the Piezowave2 system. Our goal here is to address and clarify these inaccuracies to ensure that you have the most accurate and reliable information.

Myth 1: Smallest Focal Zone

It is often heard that piezoelectric shockwave devices have the smallest focal zone…

This claim often references outdated data from a paper on the Piezoson system from 25 years ago. However, modern piezoelectric systems feature advanced technology with multiple therapy sources that have varying energy levels and focal zone sizes for different applications.

For example, the F10G10 therapy source boasts a substantial focal zone, approximately 18 cm in height.

The more popular F10G4 and FB10G6 therapy sources have a focal zone total height of 3cm and 5cm respectively.

Based on MRI studies, the average thickness of the midportion is 5.2 ± 0.77 mm or 6.0 mm in normal tendons and 7.6 ± 2.25 mm or 11.1 mm in symptomatic tendons.

The average thickness of the plantar fascia in healthy individuals is between 2.2 and 3.6 mm. In patients with plantar fasciitis, it ranges from 4.6 to 6.1 mm

Meaning these focal zones are ideally sized.

Facts About Piezoelectric Technology

Myth 2: Limited treatment depths

It is often heard, that along with the small focal zones, there is a limitation on the depth of treatment the Piezoelectric technologies can achieve…

Taking the the F10G10 therapy source, this source and reach a maximum depth of 19cm. This is a far cry from the 5cm depth often inaccurately cited.

The more commonly used FB10G6 therapy sources, delivers its’ maximum energy of 0.7mJ/mm2 to 6cm, with the most distal point of the focal zone reaching as far as 9cm.

There are 5 therapy sources, that offer a variety of depth and energy outputs, meaning you can get a specification that best suits your needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” therapy source with Piezoelectric shockwave.

focal depths of Piezoelectric Technology

Myth 3: Energy Fatigue

According to some piezoelectric handpieces suffer from electric fatigue leading to decreased performance over time suggesting that, despite the shock guarantee, the energy reduces…

In reality, the therapy sources in systems like the Piezowave2 are guaranteed for up to 7.5 million shots. If the energy output drops below a 10% threshold at selected levels within this time, and there are no signs of misuse and abuse, the therapy source is repaired or replaced free of charge.

This guarantee is supported by rigorous performance checks at 2 years, 5 million shots, and 7 million shots, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout its service life. The guarantee itself is a testament to the durability and reliability of the technology.

The 7.5 million shot guarantee, is what it is guaranteed to run for – not what it is limited to. Unlike other focused shockwave systems, there is no need for revision kits or regular, daily maintenance. No need to change it at 7.5 million shots – if it still works, keep using it!

Guarantee meaning from Citizens advice:

“A guarantee is a written statement provided by the manufacturer usually including assurances about the quality of the item, or service, as well as a promise to provide repair or replacement if something goes wrong within a set amount of time”

A guarantee is a promise that something is of good quality and will perform the way it is intended to.

Myth 4: Ineffectiveness in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Primarly, the application of focus is on the Musculoskeletal applications of the Piezowave2, however, we are venturing into the Men’s Health sector.

In light of this, some sources cite the Fojecki paper to claim that the Piezowave2 is ineffective in treating erectile dysfunction…

However, this study had significant methodological flaws, including an insufficient number of patients and incorrect calculation of the treatment dose (600 shots per treatment). Even the authors acknowledged these errors in their discussion.

A more reliable study, such as the one by Chung et al. (2021), demonstrates the efficacy of piezoelectric shockwave therapy in treating erectile dysfunction, providing clear evidence that contradicts the Fojecki paper’s conclusions.

It should go without saying, thoroughly assess these research papers and look beyond the abstract and understand the full context of the research.

Piezoelectric Technology for erectile dysfunction

Why is the Piezowave2 leading the way in piezoelectric technology the UK?

Diverse Therapy Sources for Versatile Applications

Modern piezoelectric systems like the Piezowave2 offer five different therapy sources, more than any other focused shockwave system, which typically offers only one option. This variety allows clinicians to select the most appropriate source for each specific application:

  • F7G3: Maximum depth of 3 cm, ideal for hand and foot treatments, making it perfect for podiatry.
  • F10G4: Maximum depth of 4 cm, capable of delivering up to 0.8 mJ/mm², more than any other system.
  • Fb10G6: Maximum depth of 6 cm, suitable for a wide range of musculoskeletal applications.
  • F10G10: Maximum depth of 10 cm with a focal zone of 18 cm in height, excellent for pelvic health and equine veterinary applications.
  • Linear Shockwave: Designed for men’s health, offering the largest focal volume in focused shockwave therapy (46 mm x 20 mm x 5 mm), unrivalled in its precision and effectiveness.

These depth options, ranging from 5 to 8 depending on the therapy source, provide unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, the direct focusing of energy ensures consistent delivery without bouncing, making the treatment more tolerable and controllable.

Facts About Piezoelectric Technology

Importance of Accurate Information

To make informed decisions about shockwave therapy technologies, it is crucial to obtain accurate and up-to-date information directly from the suppliers of these systems. Suppliers can provide specific details about their products, ensuring that you receive the most reliable data.

All focused shockwave technologies have their own strengths and can achieve excellent clinical outcomes, it is important you get the most accurate information directly from the supplier about their equipment.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, whether you choose piezoelectric, electromagnetic, electro-hydraulic, or electro-acoustic shockwave therapy, you are investing in yourself and your patients – and we applaud that!

We encourage you to conduct thorough research, try the systems, ask as many questions as possible, compare the data, and make an educated decision on which system best suits your needs, both clinically and financially.

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