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Harnessing Athlete Potential: The Power of Force Plates in the 4 Essential Strength Tests

Unveiled in the 1960s for biomechanics analysis in professional sports, force plates have evolved into game-changing tools in the athletic world. They offer valuable data insights that can enhance performance and help prevent injuries. Thanks to technological advancements, portable force plates include the AxIT Stomp-IT are now becoming common in regular health and fitness environments. Indeed, these tools once exclusive to top-tier sports teams and academic labs are now empowering wellness practitioners and individuals alike.

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If you are yet to embrace the remarkable benefits of integrating smart force plates like AxIT Stomp-IT into your health and fitness regimen, buckle up! This post will introduce you to the top four strength tests that can be conducted using force plates. Also, you’ll find out how they can revolutionise clients’ experiences.

The Unrivalled Advantages of Force Plates and Isometric Strength Tests

As health and fitness aficionados, strength tests are invaluable. They range from endurance strength checks using time holds and reps to failure, to max strength tests done with hefty resistance and minimal rep count. Compared to traditional max strength tests, force plates and isometric strength tests present numerous unmatched benefits.

Concrete and Measurable Data: Force plates such as AxIT Stomp-IT offer quantifiable and objective measurements of force production, including Peak Force and Rate Of Force Development. Unlike 1RM tests which rely on judgement-based estimates of movability, force plates and isometric tests provide precise data on force exertion. This precision makes strength assessments more reliable and accurate, leading to more informed decision-making and progress tracking.

Safer and Controlled Testing Environment: Isometric strength tests involve exerting force against a stationary resistance, creating a safer and more regulated test environment compared to 1RM tests. As 1RM tests hold inherent injury risks due to the maximum effort in dynamic movements, isometric tests remove this risk and allow controlled strength assessments without compromising safety. This makes it an effective solution for juniors or seniors.

Efficient Time and Space Utilisation: Force plates and isometric strength tests save valuable time compared to 1RM tests which involve multiple reps to ascertain a max load. Isometric assessments involve sustained force exertion in a still position, while force plates measure the exerted force. This process is not only time-efficient, but it’s also more portable and space-friendly.

Spotting Strength Asymmetries and Imbalances: Force plates and isometric strength assessments can reveal strength imbalances that may evade detection with 1RM testing alone. Force plates provide force distribution and balance data, unveiling discrepancies between limbs or muscle groups. Isometric tests also allow for focused strength assessment at specific joint angles, thereby pinpointing imbalances within certain motion ranges.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Force plates and isometric strength tests are invaluable tools in injury prevention programs and recovery settings. They let physical therapists accurately track strength gains throughout the recovery journey. Isometric testing offers a controlled setting for individuals with movement limitations or those recuperating from injuries to assess and improve their strength safely.

Accurate Progress Tracking and Goal Setting: Force plates and isometric strength tests enable precise progress monitoring and setting of achievable targets. They provide objective measurements, allowing therapists to track changes in force production, balance, and strength asymmetries over time. This data-focused approach bolsters accurate progress tracking and helps in adjusting interventions or workout programs as needed.

If you’re intrigued by the benefits of integrating smart force plates like AxIT Stomp-IT into your health and fitness regimen, and want to learn more about the top four strength tests they enable, contact Physiquipe for additional information. Our team is ready to help you revolutionise your clients’ experiences and enhance your strength assessments.

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