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Managing a Patient Post Cosmetic Surgery – LymphaTouch Case Study

The use of the LymphaTouch myofascial decompression device to manage patients post-cosmetic surgery (inc. full webinar).

Presented by Emma Gibson – Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at ASthetics Health

Surgery 1

Patient Background

A 34-year-old female, presented to us 2/52 post-Brazilian Butt Lift and Abdominal Plasty Revision, after getting off the plane she contacted us. No aftercare received to date.

Upon examination, we noticed the patient was visibly swollen with skin mottled in appearance. She had difficulty mobilising, was in discomfort and was unable to get comfortable when lying down, which had also led to her being incredibly sleep-deprived.

We were really concerned about the appearance of her wound, at real risk of the skin breaking down/wound dehiscence – leading to an increased risk of worsening scarring to her wounds.



Patient consent was gained for use of pictures.


Intervention – Incorporating LymphaTouch

We initially used a 30-minute session with cryotherapy (this was before we got the LymphaTouch into the clinic) then 2 x 45-minute session with LymphaTouch.

As seen from the pictures below, we can all see a vast improvement in all her complaints.


Post-LymphaTouch treatment

Patient consent was gained for use of pictures


Then a further 2 x 30-40 min treatments of LymphaTouch 1 week apart.


Photos showing the outcome from the LymphaTouch treatments

Patient consent was gained for use of pictures



An excellent outcome for the patient with increased recovery and reduction in side effects/complaints. A significant improvement in the appearance of scarring, leaving the patient highly satisfied with the outcome.

Our future plan is to work with the patient to continue to improve scarring using LymphaTouch.


Watch the full webinar below



  • Cosmetic Surgery – 03:09
  • “Medical Tourism” – 05:41
  • Our Patients – 07:45
  • Case study 1 – 08:07
  • Case study 2 – 09:07
  • Using LymphaTouch – 10:06
  • Case study 1 results – 11:32
  • Case study 2 results – 12:29
  • Recommended Aftercare – 13:43
  • LymphaTouch Treatment Protocols – 16:25
  • Things to consider – 17:26
  • Benefits of lymphatic drainage using LymphaTouch – 18:58
  • How LymphaTouch fits into our clinic – 19:44
  • Q&A session – 22:18
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