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Muscle Dynamometry: An Essential Tool for Assessing Muscle Strength and Function

Muscle dynamometry has long been recognised as a valuable method in the health and fitness industry for assessing muscle strength and function. With advancements in technology, modern muscle dynamometers like Strength By Numbers AxIT Push-IT and Pull-IT have revolutionised the assessment process, providing accurate, portable, and automated solutions for health and fitness professionals.

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What is Muscle Dynamometry?

Muscle dynamometry involves the use of devices, such as handheld or tension dynamometers, to measure the strength of a person’s muscles. These devices are widely used in sports medicine, rehabilitation, and research to evaluate the health and function of muscles. By applying force to the device and measuring the generated force by the muscles, dynamometers provide valuable insights into muscle strength and function.

Who Benefits from Muscle Dynamometry?

Health and fitness professionals play a crucial role in utilising muscle dynamometers to assess muscle strength in their patients and clients. By measuring muscle strength, dynamometry helps diagnose muscle weaknesses, imbalances, or impairments. It also serves as a valuable tool for tracking progress and adjusting treatment or training plans accordingly. Physiotherapists, in particular, benefit from dynamometry as it provides objective and quantitative data to support decision-making and enhance client motivation.

Common Dynamometer Tests

Muscle dynamometry tests can evaluate both maximum force and endurance. The “make it” protocol involves exerting maximum force against a resistance for a short period, while the “break it” protocol focuses on sustaining a submaximal contraction until muscle fatigue. These tests can be performed using AxIT’s Push-IT and Pull-IT dynamometers, providing insights into muscle strength, power, and endurance.

Key Muscle Dynamometry Tests

Handgrip Dynamometry: This test measures the strength of the muscles in the hand and forearm. Hand grip strength is often used as an indicator of overall muscle strength and physical fitness. It is a safe and easy-to-perform test that can be affected by factors like age, gender, body size, and physical activity level.

Knee Extension: Knee extension measures the strength of the quadriceps muscles and is a vital indicator of lower limb function. Strong knee extension muscles are crucial for activities such as walking, running, and climbing stairs. Weak knee extension can impact mobility and quality of life, and it is also associated with knee osteoarthritis and ACL reconstruction outcomes.

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Strength: The muscles of the rotator cuff play a significant role in stabilising and moving the shoulder joint. Muscle dynamometry is commonly used to assess shoulder strength, which is essential for everyday activities like lifting, carrying, and reaching. It also plays a vital role in sports and activities involving upper body strength and mobility.

Incorporating Muscle Dynamometry into Practice

Muscle dynamometry is a valuable tool for health and fitness professionals, offering objective and quantitative data to support treatment decisions and measure progress. By utilising AxIT’s Push-IT and Pull-IT dynamometers, practitioners can assess muscle function accurately and effectively. Whether in research studies or health and fitness settings, muscle dynamometry provides valuable insights into muscle performance and guides tailored training and rehabilitation programs.

Muscle dynamometry has come a long way since its inception in the late 1700s. With the advancements in accuracy, portability, and automation, AxIT’s Push-IT and Pull-IT dynamometers have revolutionised muscle strength assessment. Health and fitness professionals can utilise these tools to evaluate muscle strength, track progress, and enhance treatment outcomes. By incorporating muscle dynamometry into practice, professionals can optimise patient care and promote better overall health and fitness.


For more information on muscle dynamometry and its benefits, book a discovery call with a Physiquipe expert and discover how these innovative tools can revolutionise your practice.


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