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Facilitating a functional rehabilitation program – Musgrave Park case study

Article written by Ali Hunter, Senior Occupational Therapist, Musgrave Park – Case Study

The biggest clinical challenges we face are clients with muscle imbalance and lack of full range of movement or power in their upper limbs. Our goal is to facilitate a rehabilitation program towards increased functional use. Previously we have used more direct therapist time to range hands, simulating activities but with less efficiency at reproducing the activity daily, to the same specification.

I first was made aware of the BTE PrimusRS when I attended a session for a business case by the hand therapists who were looking for support in their application for funding. Management wanted to ensure that the equipment would be used by a wide range of therapists and I immediately identified many ways in which we could use the BTE.

We use the BTE for all the Activities of Daily Living simulation tasks e.g. driving, digging, manipulating small tools etc. but we have used it most for the CPM function to improve on passive ranges in pro/sup and wrist flex/ext.; I have also adapted the wrist flexion /ext. to be used with the foot pedal to facilitate MCP flexion for stiff and oedematous joints with good results.

We have a new modality for wrist stability and strengthening which we haven’t had access to before. It enables sessions to be facilitated by support staff freeing up therapist time once programs are set up. All patient-specific goals to date have been achieved and patients have seen the benefit of using the BTE.

We still have lots to learn and develop but are really encouraged by what we have seen so far.

Senior Occupational Therapist

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