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“PiezoWave2 – Nothing Beats It”

Justin Bartholomew is the owner and lead clinician of the Halifax Chiropractic Centre and has been treating thousands of patients here since he bought the business in January 2000. He has been working as a chiropractor since qualifying from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1994 and has always enjoyed learning about and integrating different treatment modalities into his practice to maximise the benefits for patients. He first discovered Focused Shockwave Therapy in 2013 and he was the first chiropractor in the UK to buy the Piezowave2, which has transformed the way he works.

PiezoWave2 Knee Treatment

Why PiezoWave2?

Put simply, it’s a very versatile and reliable piece of kit that allows Justin to effectively treat many conditions with which he previously had limited success.

Justin enjoyed a very successful free trial period during which many patients readily agreed to participate in evaluating this new treatment. The verdict: patients love it! They get better quicker and stay better for longer. They also feel more involved and in control of the direction of their treatment and are more compliant regarding treatment plans.

What does Justin treat with PiezoWave2?

Justin has three different hand pieces/probes allowing greater flexibility and choice in the application for a whole range of conditions:

Justin currently uses the G6 and linear probes most often due to patient presentation in his clinic. He also treats knee, shoulder and neck problems as well as plantar fasciitis.

What does Justin most like about using the PiezoWave2?

  • He can use PW2 either alone or in conjunction with other treatment modalities for maximum benefit
  • Patients report fewer adverse effects than any other treatment modality including heat/ice or massage
  • There are very few/almost no post treatment complications and patients report a large decrease in pain immediately following treatment – patients like this!
  • He has never seen any bruising with or following treatment
  • It is the ONLY therapeutic tool he has ever used which can accurately reproduce referral patterns from both active and latent trigger points. This aids diagnosis and trust from patients. He often hears them say, “That’s EXACTLY the pain I’m getting”. This also increases the patient’s understanding and compliance as they have experienced reproduction of the exact referral patterns. There is nothing more powerful in a clinical setting than patient understanding through demonstration and experience
  • PW2 is a very precise tool – it is very clear which tissues are inflamed or normal and elicits clearer responses from patients
  • On a practical level, the user interface is simple to use and not over complicated
  • PW2 is robust and reliable – it’s very well made/manufactured. Justin has experienced very few problems but has received immediate support and superb customer service when needed

Justin’s dislikes:

There are very few and all are “niggles” not problems!

  • The cost – initial outlay is a lot, but the benefits far outweigh the expenditure. Justin holds the view that it’s a large but essential investment in the business, and the initial outlay is soon forgotten when you start getting outstanding clinical feedback and results
  • The equipment is bulky and heavy so would not be easy to move between clinics, but as he only works in one building this is not an issue
  • Very rarely, patients with extremely sensitive hearing find the clicking sound uncomfortable. This is quickly and easily remedied with earplugs where necessary!

In summary

Focused Shockwave Therapy using the PiezoWave2 works brilliantly for conditions that were otherwise unresponsive and where no other treatments Justin has offered have been helpful. Patient compliance and outcomes are hugely improved, and the NICE guidelines give some initially sceptical patients some validation, even though many of these guidelines are several years old.

This is the best investment Justin has ever made for his clinic and patients.

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