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Service and Repair Training with Alpinion

On 24th June 2022 our service manager Andy Roberts completed a week’s service and repair training with Alpinion at their office in Hallbergmoos, Germany.

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The aim of this training was to learn about all the Ultrasound (US) machines, from a service perspective, that we, at Physiquipe, distribute within the UK and Ireland.

Training with Alpinion

Service and Repair Training with Alpinion

My training with Alpinion was delivered by Ingolf Popp, who is the Senior Service Manager for Europe.
I started the week with getting familiarised with the CRM system utilised at Alpinion and the platform used to create service and repair tickets. We spent the morning going through this process. In the afternoon we moved on to the service manuals for the EC-i7, EC-8LE, EC8D and the XC-90/70.

Day 2 started with a morning session with Alexandra, a clinical applications specialist at Alpinion, Germany. This gave me an insight into the impressive features of the E-Cube (EC) and X-Cube (XC) and allowed me to navigate around the system which will give me the ability to understand a customer’s issues better. In the afternoon it was back with Ingolf where we ran through how to update the Operating System (OS) and the main ultrasound application.

Day 3 Service and Repair Training with Alpinion

Day 3 began with disassembling the EC-i7, a portable ultrasound system. A little bit bigger than a Laptop, it was a challenge as there is approximately 300 screws holding it all together! We looked at all the parts and Ingolf explained what each of them do. I then re-assembled it and carried out a full functional check ensuring we had assembled it correctly!
We moved on to the XC-90 which is the latest and most capable of all the US machines Alpinion produce. I was impressed at how accessible and maintenance-friendly the machine was to work on, taking it apart in and gaining access to all the internal workings of the machine. I once again re-assembled, tested and we finished for the day.
Training with Alpinion

Day 4 was spent taking apart the EC-8D and LE as well as uploading and updating software and OS. I had the opportunity to get involved in a real-time repair that came into the office from a customer within Europe. This was a fantastic opportunity to put into practice what I had been learning. Overseen by Ingolf we managed to solve the issue with the customer’s EC-i7 and made the relevant repairs replacing the relevant circuit boards as needed.

Day 5 was only half a day, so Ingolf took me through common troubleshooting problems, and we chatted through how Alpinion can support us in the UK. Including deliveries as well potential extra training for our Clinical App specialist and Business Development Managers with Alpinion, Germany.
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Overall, I have left Alpinion having had some incredible training. Now that I have completed this, we can deliver top quality, certified warranty and manufacturers service and repairs. We have strengthened our relationship with Alpinion which will only enhance our customers experience that we provide here at Physiquipe.

You can take a look at our fantastic Alpinion products here… Alpinion Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment.

A bit more about Andy

As the Service Manager, Andy’s role at Physiquipe is all about ensuring the products we deliver to customers are serviced and maintained to a high standard.

We really pride ourselves on the support we provide our customers to ensure the longevity of, not only the products but our relationship. Andy is responsible for managing the service contracts for new and existing customers. This involves regular health checks and ensuring a quick turnaround on repairs.  

Andy’s passion is learning and developing his skills to ensure only the best quality is delivered to customers. His background is from the Royal Air Force where he was an Aircraft Engineer, however, the medical industry is something he has always wanted to step into.

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