By Pritpal Chana, Senior Clinical Lead Physiotherapist


“I’ve been using HawkGrips for over 6 months now and they are by far the best investment I have made for my work and business. Patients love them and the outcomes of them. It has transformed my work into a desirable place to have physiotherapy treatment. Not only do patients enjoy the treatment from them they also enjoy the quick and effective results.

Patients we typically see are medicolegal, private medical and self funding. I use HawkGrips for every patient I see. Patients with soft tissue injuries have found the HawkGrips treatment to be the most effective and quickest way to rehabilitate them back to function/sport. They love the treatment as it makes the treatment session enjoyable and fun. I purchased all of the HawkGrips tools and use every single one of them. Each tool has its own purpose and I utilise the effectiveness of every tool.

I have found that combining HawkGrips treatment with my joint manipulation treatment is by far the most successful form of treatment. Patient often comment on the efficacy of the treatment.

I bought the HawkGrips to improve myself as a therapist. I had heard good things about HawkGrips and decided to try them for myself. Once I tried them, I immediately felt the benefits. Not only are they effective at treating soft tissue but they are less intensive on the therapist hands than conventional massage. I can now work for longer and keep my hands safe from wear and tear”.



If you want to learn more about the HawkGrips IASTM tools, we run educational courses across the UK and Ireland, please go to our training page.