The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® has revolutionised medical rehabilitation equipment with its unique differential air pressure technology that provides accurate, safe and comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy while promoting normal gait patterns.

How can the AlterG be used?

• Rehabilitation following an injury or surgery on a lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle or foot)
• Rehabilitation after total joint replacement
• Gait training and strengthening for neurological patients
• Strengthening and conditioning in a fall-safe environment for older patients
• Weight-loss programs
• Injury prevention during sport specific conditioning and fitness improvement programs

AlterG’s unique and patented unweighted rehabilitation treadmill technology allows patients to move with less pain during physiotherapy sessions whilst reducing the risk of further injury. The machine acts as both a rehab device  and wellness tool that gets patients excited and motivated to continue using it for regular training. The AlterG provides Physiotherapists with an accurate tool to track patient progress, keeping them engaged during rehabilitation as well as being able to easily observe and analyse their patients range of movement.

Product details:

  • Easier entry and access
  • Shorter step-up height for patient populations with difficulty ambulating
  • Simpler and safer height adjustment and setup with our counterweighted, locking mechanism

The treadmill is ideal for physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation facilities, gyms and wellness centres and is the perfect solution for patients looking to regain mobility, develop strength and fitness, and increase range of motion and natural movement – all while minimising stress on injuries.

What can it be used for?

  • Weight Loss Programmes
  • Improve performance
  • Improve fitness levels
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention


  • Lumbar Herniated Disk
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Below the knee amputation

“Since installing the treadmill we have noticed huge benefits to our patients. We found that there were stages of rehabilitation (early post fracture for example) where we couldn’t progress the patient as much as we would have liked because we didn’t want to overload the body. We can now do this gradually and effectively on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill.”

Jon Swan, Physiotherapy Manager, BMI The Harbour Hospital, Harbour Hospital

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