BTE Eccentron – ‘Gain the Eccentric Resistance Advantage. Negative Resistance for Better Outcomes’.

BTE’s objective, data-driven equipment is backed by expert training to take the guesswork out of PT, OT, and sports medicine.

Built on years of Research & Development in the growing field of eccentric resistance training, BTE Eccentron is the eccentric resistance strength trainer with objective measures and results tracking. Helping clinicians deliver better outcomes, faster.

Eccentric exercise – muscles lengthening under force – has long been recognised as highly effective by Orthopedic and Physical Therapy thought leaders. But until now, there wasn’t a proven device to deliver the benefits of eccentric resistance in a safe, closed chain manner.

Eccentric muscle work occurs everyday when a muscle lengthens under force: as when lowering a weight, descending stairs, or walking down a hill. Eccentric work provides unique responses and benefits compared to concentric exercise.

Higher Resistance Capacity:
Body can resist 30-40% more weight (eccentric) than it can push (concentric)

Low Oxygen Requirement:
80% less O2 needed due to muscles resisting rather than doing concentric work

Lower Perceived Exertion:
Comfortably produce more force output than in a traditional concentric exercise

Geriatric – Safely increase strength and stability for improved balance, mobility, and decreased fall risk

Athletic – Enhance explosive power and performance

General Rehab – Controlled dosing and single leg tracking allow for optimal closed-chain treatment

Cardiopulmonary – Provide effective strengthening for patients with low cardiac output

“Eccentron is the only method of developing eccentric strength in a reasonable, effective, and self-contained way. The Eccentron has played a major role in my rehabilitation and athletic development programs.”

Donald Chu, Ph.D., PT, ATC, CSCS, Performance Enhancement Consultant

Eccentron Research References

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