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The E-CUBE i7 Diagnostic Ultrasound delivers remarkably excellent image performance and comfort for optimal clinical environments.


A powerful portable and cart-based diagnostic ultrasound system with breakthrough design including sliding keyboard cover, the E CUBE i7 delivers excellent image performance and comfort for optimal clinical environments. The compact i7 is versatile, featuring application-specific imaging technology with advanced transducers. From the bedside to the procedure room, the E-CUBE i7 provides ease-of-use and workflow efficiency.



The embedded SSD not only enhance E-CUBE i7’s operational speed, but also its stability. From boot-up to initialising a scan, the time is less than 60 seconds.


E-CUBE i7’s extended transducer connection, supporting up to three transducers, enabling you to be ready for various applications.


ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software offers fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality for diagnosis.


The system supports complete cardiac solutions enabling the flexibility to scan adult and paediatric patients with single

Excellent Imaging Quality

  • The innovative system architecture. The advantages of a cart-based system made the innovative portable system, E-CUBE i7. To overcome the shortcomings in image quality of a portable system, ALPINION built the E-CUBE i7 around a cart-based system’s architecture. Thanks to this powerful and stable architecture, the E-CUBE i7 delivers remarkably excellent and uniform image performance throughout its lifetime.
  • High class single crystal transducer technology. Single crystal is a new kind of piezoelectric material which shows superior image quality. Crystal Signature, Alpinion’s world leading single crystal technology, provides high sensitivity, better penetration, and less heat degradation than traditional PZT materials. With its single crystal phased array transducers (SP1-5T, SP3-8T), the E-CUBE i7 fully supports various diagnosis including adult echo, paediatric echo, and paediatric abdomen.
  • High frequency enhanced linear transducer. The E-CUBE i7 features a high-frequency linear transducer, the hockey stick-shaped IO8-17T is ideal for imaging for superficial, nerve blocks and vascular procedures.
  • Optimal imaging suite. Alpinions’ integrated image post processing software set, provides better border definition and increased contrast resolution by reducing artifacts while maintaining true tissue appearance.


High – Performance with Clinical Versatility


Optimal Clinical Environments 

Sliding keyboard cover. More than 80% of sonographers experience work-related pain, and more than 20% of these suffer a career-ending injury. The E-CUBE i7’s user-centered design provides a solution for users who suffer the inevitable wrist pain. The unique sliding keyboard cover and the keyboard located closer to a user allow better support for a user’s arm and wrists when typing. According to the study conducted by a Korea-based University Hospital ( Department of Orthopaedics, Korea University Guro Hospital), the users experienced dramatic reduction in pressure on carpal tunnel and muscle tension. Moreover, this unique cover prevents they keyboard from being polluted by dust, gel, fluid and blood.

A study of wrist angles when using portable ultrasound systems with a wrist supporting device

The use of an ultrasound system with a wrist supporting device is expected to reduce the burden on the wrist and the forearm, along with reducing the CTS incidence rate as a result of decreased intracarpal canal pressure (ICCP).


Sports Physiotherapist, Paul Williamson, has been using the Alpinion diagnostic ultrasound within football due to it’s portability and high quality imaging… Watch the full testimonial by clicking the image.


Diagnostic Ultrasound

C1-6T Convex array. Application: OB, GYN, Abdomen, Paediatric, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Urology, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Diagnostic Ultrasound

C5-8NT Micro convex. Application: OB, Paediatric, Abdomen, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Diagnostic Ultrasound

VC1-6T Convex array. Application: OB, GYN, Abdomen, Paediatric, Urology, Emergency Medicine (EM)



Diagnostic Ultrasound

L3-8H Linear array. Application: Vascular, Breast, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Emergency Medicine (EM), Small Parts

Diagnostic Ultrasound

L3-12T Linear array. Application: Abdomen, Paediatric, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)

L8-17H Linear array. Application: Abdomen, Paediatric, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Vascular, Emergency Medicine (EM)

IO8-17T High-frequency linear transducer with hockey stick shape. Application: Small Parts (Superficial), Musculoskeletal (MSK)

IO3-12 Linear array. Application: Small Parts (Thyroid,Testcle), Emergency Medicine (EM)



EC3-10T Endocavity. Application: OB, GYN, Urology, Emergency Medicine (EM)

EV3-10T Endocavity. Application: OB, GYN, Urology, Emergency Medicine (EM)


Phased Array

SP1-5T Single Crystal phased array for adult. Application: Cardiac, Abdominal, Renal, TCD, Emergency Medicine (EM)

Diagnostic Ultrasound

SP3-8T Single Crystal phased array for paediatrics. Application: Abdominal, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine (EM)

MobilityDiagnostic Ultrasound

  • 1 hour battery life
  • Lightweight system (7.2 kg with battery)
  • Cart with extended transducer connections up to 3 probes
  • Compact laptop style with a carrying case


  • Fan boot-up with integrated SSD (less than 45 seconds)

Library Quiet

  • Silent Fan

*Decibel (loudness) Comparison

Library = 30        E-Cube i7 = 31

Scanning Comfort

  • 15.6 wide and high resolution (1600 x 900) LED monitor with EPS technology

*IPS In Plane Switch (technology)

  • Wider viewing angle
  • Better expression of colour/contrast
  • Less eye strain


  • Durable aluminium shell
  • Easy to clean control panel

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