diagnostic ultrasound

The minisono system is a new generation, tablet-based ultrasound diagnostic
system that is smaller, simpler, and more compact than the existing bulky,
complicated systems.

You can connect a minisono to a Microsoft Surface tablet and perform ultrasound scans using software supported by the Windows platform. minisono can be used conveniently in space- and time-constrained environments, such as a clinic, hospital ward, emergency room, or operating theater, while ensuring high-quality diagnostic examinations. In addition, medical practitioners can get up close and personal with patients during examinations, which helps them build trust. Accompanying you anytime, anywhere, minisono will introduce a new paradigm in ultrasound diagnosis.


Minisono is light, compact, and easy to move. Since it’s both small and portable, you can use it conveniently even in tight spaces without having to change the position of the patient or other devices. You can scan a patient exactly when the need arises and make a diagnosis quickly, anytime, anywhere. This kind of experience can make patients feel more relaxed and increase their trust in the examination.


Ultrasound system company Alpinion has combined transducer and image-processing technologies to ensure that minisono provides sharper and clearer high-definition 2D images and Doppler information. Using two types of transducers, Convex and Linear, you can scan from the deepest to the most superficial part of the human body. The transducers have a wide range of applications, and can be used in a variety of clinical situations.


You can quickly and easily use minisono as soon as you connect the tablet with the transducer via USB minisono’s uniquely simple and intuitive user interface, combined with the tablet’s familiar touch control, will help you to focus on scanning minisono is easy to operate and provides the most essential features, so it is perfect for training medical practitioners in ultrasound scanning. Thanks to minisono, you can dramatically reduce the learning curve for people training in ultrasound scanning techniques.

diagnostic ultrasound

Clinical Applications

  • Small Parts
  • MSK
  • Vascular
  • Urology
  • Abdomen
  • Breast


Linear and Convex Probes

Minisono L3-12

Minisono C1-6


A study of wrist angles when using portable ultrasound systems with a wrist supporting device

The use of an ultrasound system with a wrist supporting device is expected to reduce the burden on the wrist and the forearm, along with reducing the CTS incidence rate as a result of decreased intracarpal canal pressure (ICCP).

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