3D Force Plates measure ground reaction forces for gait, balance and other biomechanics


Being a standard assessment in sports and clinical diagnostics, jump analysis is a perfect way of assessing a person’s ability to produce power, coordinate complex movements and cope with impact loads.

As there is various technology out there to assess jump performance from a performance point of view, there are many different ways of looking at jump activities. From a biomechanical perspective, it is important to not only look at the outcome parameters like e. g. jump height, contact times and peak power, but to also look at the kinematics (the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces which cause the motion), the kinetics (The study of forces that cause motion (ex. torque, gravity, friction, etc.) and can be classified into two groups; Linear and angular motion) and the neuromuscular input behind it.

Tools like a live force vector overlay of the 3D force plate in combination with high speed video cameras really help to visualise side tendencies during power production and landing, as well as screen the leg axis from one plane. This live biofeedback can not only be used during assessments, but also to train the deficits that have been identified immediately.

After this first screening with automated reports and all relevant jump parameters, the “why’s” behind the movement can be analysed by simply adding EMG and 3D motion. This holistic approach of looking at jump gives you a very deep insight into the body, and really helps to assess and identify the deficits you want to focus during training and rehabilitation.

Bertec force plates are perfect for gait analysis such as rehabilitation of stroke patients, orthopedic patients, denture wearers and all patients with movement disorders. The product range also includes particularly robust models for versatile use in sports medicine, in sprint and jump training as well as in the rehabilitation of injuries.

All measuring plates can be easily connected to all common 3D kinematics systems. A simple but highly efficient software can alternatively measure digital data directly and export it into common file formats.

The high-quality workmanship and quality of Bertec measuring plates is documented by the fact that the measuring plates are always  guaranteed for 7 years.

As the only manufacturer, Bertec is able to offer an almost cross-talk-free measurement with only 6 constant calibration factors through an internally integrated calibration matrix. Drift phenomena and recalibration are eliminated in continuous operation. The connection to eg 3D kinematics systems is thereby extremely simplified.

  • Easy and fast recording of data with external PC
  • Analysis of force, space, time and step parameters
  • Key combination of upper body kinetics with the rolling of the foot and plantar ankle dynamics
  • Key analysis of ground reaction forces and change over time
  • Synchronisation with video, EMG analysis and 3D sensors
  • Automatic comparative gear reports
  • Software includes a database of real time analysis, signal analysis tools and report generator
  • Static weight distribution, foot roll and function balance analysis and ASCII export
  • Can be used with shoes, insoles, orthoses and barefoot

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