Surface Electromyography


Electromyography is still the only technology being able to have a concrete insight into the muscle and answer you key questions you cannot answer without it:

– Is a certain target muscle activated/innervated by the CNS?

– Can this muscle actively be contracted and released when required?

– Is the muscle active according the phase of the movement when it should be active?

– Is a certain joint secured by the muscle during maximum load?

– Is a muscle fatiguing over time/repetitions?

– How is loading/unloading effecting muscular activity?

EMG is widely used within research but has always been seen as a difficult and complicated tool to interpret in biomechanics for clinical use. However, by breaking the signal down to a simplistic level it can a very helpful tool in a wide area of applications.

As seen above, the strongest possibilities here can be found in biofeedback rather than in diagnostics. To really interpret an EMG signal in a good way, it needs to be integrated with other sensor based information like force, motion, pressure or time stamps like jump/gait contacts or range of motion.

Ultium EMG system

Ultium-ESP is designed to be the smartest and most accurate EMG system ever built. With the world’s best EMG technology, the Ultium ESP sensor system is a multimodal, wireless electronic signal portal. Sophisticated technological advances have led to the patent pending “SmartLead” system, which transforms the ESP device into an intelligent sensor for virtually any type of biometric and physiological data from any type of hardware. The fully featured ESP sensor scans up to 4,000 times per second, synchronises in real time, and exhibits the lowest baseline noise with the fewest native artifacts of similar technologies. Ultium-ESP combines the best in electromyography (EMG) with the flexibility to accurately capture the most interesting aspects of human movement.

  • Highest data accuracy
  • Lowest baseline noise (static and dynamic)
  • Plug-and-play smart sensor system (with SmartLeads)
  • Unlimited recording and analysis potential
  • Integrated impedance checker
  • Battery status monitor
  • SmartLead auto-detection
  • Find my sensor visual feedback

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