Fully Synchronised Video Analysis


Video analysis gives you an objective documentation of the movement of your patient, subject or client. It helps you review the motion in different speeds and gives you the time to focus on different aspects, also at a later point in time.

Generally said, video analysis provides a first insight into the person’s movement pattern and by using drawing tools like crosshairs, symmetry lines or tracking markers in different 2D planes you can do some basic analysis that even produces first quantifiable data.

Furthermore it is a prefect visualisation to help you explain your ideas, future medical treatment strategies or needs for the deeper analysis with e. g. EMG, 3D motion or pressure sensors. Hence, video analysis is a perfect and fast screening tool with a wide field of application.

Suitable for:

– Runners

– General assessments

– Neurological patients

2D Video Cameras

The NiNOX camera systems optimise motion detection and analysis, whether in the laboratory or in a natural environment as part of the myoMETRICS Portable Lab. The accompanying software analysis module, myoVIDEO, optimises the entire process by minimising rework manipulation time and optimising analysis time. The development of USB-powered camera / light combinations that can only be operated with a laptop gives researchers and clinicians a fully integrated video data acquisition and analysis tool.

  • High resolution 2D video tool set
  • Portability and high fidelity data collection
  • Automatic synchronisation with the entire myoRESEARCH suite of Noraxon biomechanical analysis tools
  • Small size
  • Integrated LED light source
  • High resolution at 125 or 250 frames per second (FPS)

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