SOZO is the world’s first interactive health monitor to use ImpediMed’s patented bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology to monitor a person’s fluid status and over all body composition.

SOZO is the only bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) device used by therapists, sports scientists, researchers, nutritionists for measurement and tracking of body composition and fluid. By using 256 frequencies from 3kHz to 1000kHz to measure the reactance and resistance of the body tissue to calculate fat mass, fat free mass, extracellular fluid, intracellular fluid and total body water unlike manual techniques which are subject to human error and bioimpedance analysis which use 1-11 frequencies.

The BIS technology allows you to determine body composition, in particular fluid status and hydration, in a rapid, non-invasive, repeatable objective measure. The technology is the most advanced of its kind and has been developed to be simple and easy to use, whilst still having access to the raw data. The SOZO platform gives users an easy way to manage and analyse data remotely with the web based portal that provides data tracking, trending, and storage of all SOZO information.

Why Bioimpedance Spectroscopy?

  • Accurately measure body composition and fluid status
  • Track and trend data quickly and simply
  • Rapid, repeatable, non-invasive testing
  • Research grade data

Why SOZOPro?

  • Repeatable measures – removing error
  • Simple tracking and analysis of data

Hydration Status

Population Health Management

Track and Trend Body Composition

Guide Nutritional Intervention

Improve Physical Adaptation

Easy to integrate
SOZO does not require gel electrodes, a separate testing room or elaborate instructions making it easy to incorporate into routine clinic visits and check-ups.

User friendly
SOZO has a user-friendly interface built around the patients and physicians to ensure they receive information in the quickest and easiest way.

Quick results
Using an application based software, SOZO takes a measurement and displays results within seconds.

SOZO allows physicians to track and manage their patients, easily and efficiently at anytime.

Clinical Study

Patterns of bioelectrical impedance vector distribution by body
mass index and age: implications for body-composition analysis.

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