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The ultimate portable diagnostic ultrasound unit

The E-CUBE i7 offers a powerful cart-based architecture with the convenience of a mobile unit. As well as delivering remarkable image performance, the breakthrough design with sliding keyboard supplies optimal comfort for clinicians and sonographers. The i7 is compact, versatile and features application-specific imaging technology with a range of advanced transducers.

From your patient’s bedside to the procedure room, the E-CUBE i7 provides complete ease of use and workflow efficiency.

Mobile and compact

Mobile and compact

The system weighs in at just 7.2kg and offers a 1-hour battery life

Wrist support

User wrist support

The world's first portable ultrasound system with a sliding keyboard cover

Fast boot up

Fast boot-up time

Ready to scan in under 45 seconds from when you switch on the device

Extended transducers

Up to 3 transducers

When you're using your i7 with its cart, you can connect up to 3 transducers

SSD for quick exam preperation 2

SSD for quick exam preparation

Resulting in higher system stability and faster boot times

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SMUG course included

Access to the Sports Medicine Ultrasound Group (SMUG) education pathways

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Alpinion E-CUBE i7 video


Guided Injections
Ultrasound Guided Shockwave
Safe Procedure
Enhanced Assessments
Build Referrals with Radiologists and Sports Docs

Innovation meets portability

Not only is the E-CUBE i7 a top class portable product, but it addresses the fact that more than 80% of sonographers experience work-related pain, and more than 20% of these suffer a career-ending injury. The i7’s user-centred design provides a solution for users who suffer the inevitable wrist pain.

The unique sliding keyboard cover and the keyboard located closer to a user allows better support for a user’s arm and wrists when typing. According to the study conducted by a Korea-based University Hospital ( Department of Orthopaedics, Korea University Guro Hospital), the users experienced a dramatic reduction in pressure on carpal tunnel and muscle tension. Moreover, this unique cover prevents the keyboard from being polluted by dust, gel and other fluids.

Sliding keyboard cover
Cart-based system architecture
High class single crystal transducer technology
High frequency enhanced linear transducer
Optimal imaging suite
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"Our Alpinion ultrasound machine has been absolutely fantastic so far, it’s done everything that we’ve wanted. Very user friendly and good resolution with the probe."

Dr Dan Brooke
Medical Doctor at Ealing Rugby

"The Alpinion E Cube i7 was always a unit I was impressed with in terms of image quality and simplistic usability. Andy the rest of the Physiquipe team have been exemplary in terms of customer service support during pre-purchase, but most importantly the after-sales support helped me get the unit up and running to its full potential. If you are a clinician looking to purchase a point of care ultrasound unit for diagnostic and/or interventional work, I would certainly suggest you have a look at the E-CUBE i7."

Matt Prout
Physiotherapist & Owner at Flex Physiotherapy

"One of the things we pride ourselves on is offer the best technology for our patients and we always come to Physiquipe for this technology. I trialed several units and with the i7, it offered great image quality and portability, all for the perfect price point."

Paul Williamson
Physiotherapist and owner at The Performance Physio and consultant to Premier League Referees


L3 12HWD


High density wide footprint — Linear (3-12MHz)


Breast, EM, MSK, Vascular, Small Parts, Appendix

L3 12T


Linear (3-12MHz)


Breast, EM, MSK, Vascular, Small Parts, Appendix

IO3 12


Intraoral transducer (3-12MHz)


EM , Small Parts

IO8 17T


High frequency hockey stick (8-17MHz)


Small Parts, MSK

C1 6T


Convex transducer (1-6MHz)


Abdomen, Renal, Fetal Echo, EM Gynecology O bstetrics MSK, Urology

C5 8NT


Microconvex (5-8MHz)


Abdomen, EM, Cardiac, Pediatric

SP1 5T


Single crystal – Phased array (1-5MHz)


Abdomen, Cardiology, EM, TCD

SP3 8T


Single crystal – Phased array (3-8MHz)


Abdomen, Cardiac, EM, Pediatric

EV3 10T


Endocavity transducer (3-10MHz)


GYN, OB, Fetal Echo, Urology, EM

EC3 10T


Endocavity transducer (3-10MHz)


GYN, OB, Fetal Echo, Urology, EM

VC1 6T


Volume Convex (1-6MHz)


Abdomen, OB, GYN, EM

CW5.0 1


Pencil type transducer (5.0MHz)



CW2.0 1

Pencil type transducer (2.0MHz)

Pencil type transducer (2.0MHz)



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