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Is strength the missing link for treating neck pain?

Neck pain is one of the biggest problems within healthcare. Manual therapy is the most common treatment for this but is the missing link strength? This is the opinion of several leading clinicians and researchers and the BTE Multi Cervical Unit can address this.

Objective Data

Objective data

Objective measurements for diagnosis and comprehensive cervical evaluations

Multi plane movement

Multi plane movement

Single & multi-plane movement patterns with variable resistance for strengthening

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Intuitive diagrams, charts and graphs displaying movement and strength

Proven Outcomes

Proven outcomes

Over 90% of patients experience positive outcomes and improved quality of life

New Patients

Attract new patients

Create a new neck pain patient pathway with the multi cervical unit

Profit Icon

Revenue generation

As well as clinical efficacy, the MCU has a clear return on investment

What can the MCU unit help test and treat?

General & chronic neck pain
Whiplash associated disorders
Muscle tension headache
Cervical disc compression
Sports-related injuries
Job/posture dysfunctions

Become a neck pain centre of excellence

70% of people will experience neck pain in our lifetime. It is one of top five leading causes of disability and has a huge financial impact on healthcare systems. Women are more affected than men (1.38x more likely). Also, there is a direct correlation between the duration of neck pain and likelihood of pain resolution within 2 months. The longer the problem, the longer A problem!

There are several known causes of neck pain such as headaches and torticollis but the big issue is muscle weakness and imbalance. The head is like a bowling ball on a stick, so having strong muscles in the neck and shoulders is critical. If muscles do not work in unison it is a problem and symmetry is very important to avoid neck pain.

Baseline Strength Measurements
Cervical Assessment and Rehabilitation
Functional Progress Analysis
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Sports Medicine
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"If you’re looking to differentiate yourself form the competition, the Multi Cervical Unit is one of the most important capital expenditures, and I wouldn’t practice without it… It’s the most important reason why patients get better for the long term versus just managing symptoms."

Dr. Edo Zylstra
Physiotherapist & Owner of KinetaCare

"The MCU is a game changer for you, your clients, and your practice."

Dr Mark Weinberg
Chiropractor and the Executive Director and owner of Active Health

"It was so obvious, what’s missing is neck strength. With the Multi Cervical Unit we can finally address the underlying problem. No other system gives a graded strengthening in the functional position of sitting.It earns it's own money."

Natalie Perkins
Physiotherapist & Owner of Sydney Whiplash Centre
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