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The most comprehensive range of focused shockwave technologies that can be tailored to your needs

The Piezowave2, from Richard Wolf GmbH, is the fastest-growing focused shockwave system in the UK. There are 3 device ranges and 5 therapy sources meaning you can add focused shockwave to your practice that meets your individual needs.

With a minimum guarantee of 7.5 million shocks per therapy source, no other focused shockwave machine on the market can offer this. With its unrivalled precision and durability, the PiezoWave2 is the most cost-effective and clinically accurate system available to you.


PiezoWave2 Therapy Sources

7.5 million shock guarantee

2.5x more durable than any other focused shockwave on the market

Piggy Bank

Low running costs

Helping you see a better long term return on investment

Direct Shockwave Treatment

Direct to the problem

Target your treatments and achieve better patient outcomes in a shorter space of time

PiezoWave2 Source Depth

Accurate depth control

Penetration depths between 0-10cm

Linear Focussed Shockwave Diagram

Linear focused shockwave

Unique to PW2, it's the bridge between radial and focused shockwave

PiezoWave2 Interface

Simple interface

Easy to use and control frequency, intensity, and treatment dosage

PiezoWave2 Knee Treatment

Plug and play

No-load times, just turn it on and you're ready to go

TQ 5x 3

Customise your system

3 device ranges and 5 therapy sources so you can choose a device that suits you

Our customers include:

Primary applications – MSK

Tendinopathies (Achilles, Patella, Shoulder)
Plantar Fasciitis
Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
Tennis/Golfer’s elbow
Ligament sprains
Muscle tears
Bone & Joint

Focused vs Radial

Used by the world's leading clinicians and elite sports teams, PiezoWave2 is the only direct focused shockwave machine (f-ESWT) on the market. The system allows you to effortlessly treat the source of injury and stimulate tissue repair mechanisms at a cellular level, sometimes seeing results in as little as one session.

Targeted treatments
Induce calcific reabsorption in tendinopathies
Stimulate new blood vessel growth
Promote new bone growth
Promotes tissue regeneration
More tolerable treatments for your patient


"As a one-man practice, the Piezowave2 is a big outlay for me, but the clinic has been generating revenue from the day it was installed. The device is costing me next to nothing to run, no daily maintenance (only cleaning), so the returns have been amazing financially, not to mention clinically."

Paul Williamson
Physiotherapist at The Performance Physio

"My patients love the Piezowave2! The way it replicates their pain and how quickly it gets my patients back to pain-free movement is exceptional. Many patients come to us now instead of other clinics with radial shockwave."

Bryan Kelly
Physiotherapist and Owner at CK Physiotherapy

"I was sceptical when Physiquipe introduced me to focused shockwave. However, after spending some time with their Clinical Specialist and trying the system compared to my radial device, it just made sense. What convinced me was the excellent knowledge and education the team at Physiquipe provided."

Chris Myers
Complete Physio

"Getting focused shockwave was a huge financial decision for my clinic. The main reason I purchased the Piezowave2, apart from the clinical results, was the team behind it at Physiquipe. They not only gave me the most in-depth and honest information but they were incredibly supportive both before I got my machine and since then too. Their support is invaluable and it is so rare to come by a company with this kind of ethos. They are awesome people and the Shockwave machine has proven itself to be invaluable to my patients."

Stephany Clark
Osteopath at the Creighton Clinic
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