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Objective assessment and functional rehabilitation

Establishing a baseline measure within a physical assessment gives vital information to help with decision making in creating a rehabilitation program. The BTE PrimusRS is an evidence-based philosophy, physically rehabilitating patients, functionally. It gives clinicians the power of objectivity and real-time data capture. The system is used within the UK to aid with objective assessment and creating bespoke rehabilitation programs.

Training modes

Functional assessment

Replicate virtually any functional activity

Change resistance modes

Change resistance modes

Choose from Continuous Passive Motion (CPM), Isotonic, Isometric or Isokinetic

Functional assessment

Training modes

Eccentrics, Plyometrics, Rhythmic Stabilisation or Neuromuscular Re-Education

Data collection

Data collection

Make optimal clinical decisions with objective data on performance and progress

Physically rehabilitate patients, functionally

Sports & lower extremity rehab
Hand & upper extremity rehab
Industrial rehab
Orthopaedic rehab
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)
Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab
Neuro Rehab
Long Covid Rehab

Better data and better outcomes

Offer a wide variety of patient populations world-class treatment with PrimusRS. Collect better
evaluation and rehabilitation data and full-colour graphs. Easily track your clients’ progress.
Accelerate recovery with objective, clinical decision-making and optimal care. Use the same
technology trusted by leading researchers and healthcare professionals.


"We have now treated over 150 people with Covid and a good proportion of them have been Long Covid. In general, we find that flexible return to work plans, that doesn't increase too quickly, are the most successful. We are using the Primus for rehab and also for one off type assessments that gives us a baseline of function and strength. We send them off with exercises and advice and then reassess which has worked really well when we have limited capacity for face to face. We have also been running virtual sessions for exercise, advice and support."

Sarah Holt
Occupational Therapist and Group Rehabilitation Team at London Road Community Hospital

"The primus is a highly valued piece of equipment within our Occupational Therapy Out-patients service. A variety of patients benefit from the equipment within their rehabilitation from hand and upper limb injuries as well as return to work assessments. The trial with breast care/oncology patients has been really exciting and it is great to hear the positive impact it has made on those patients. As a service we are keen to develop our use of the Primus further with the breast care team and oncology, supporting more patients with their function post-surgery. UHL therapies are also keen to look at different ways we can utilise the Primus for income generation of the trust e.g. with private companies or research."

Laura Meadows
Therapy Specialty Lead

"In the time we have been using the Primus, it has become an essential part of our therapy and rehabilitation pathway, offering objective assessment and treatment of our patients. The work currently being undertaken with Occupational Therapy patients in cancer care at UHL was initiated following the reported benefits of using the BTE PrimusRS work simulator with a similar group of patients in the U.S."

Rosie Dear
Clinical specialist Occupational Therapist

"We use it as part of our denervation assessments and it is invaluable in helping to potentially determine the outcome of surgery."

Sarah Burke
Occupational Therapist & Hand Therapy Team Lead
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