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Powerful. Portable. Affordable

AxIT smart dynamometers and force plates are an easy-to-use, all-in-one system for measuring performance, prevention, or rehabilitation.

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Easy to use

One software, 3 pieces of hardware. Designed for the everyday health and fitness professional from day one, AxITs intuitive data and online training portal means anyone can use it.

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Doesn’t take up time

Re-testing in less than 10 seconds (yes we've timed it) means that you don't have to worry that AxIT is going to be something else to absorb your precious consultation time.

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Engage your clients

Show your clients where they are, what they should be, and how they are tracking so that they stay on your plan, get great outcomes and become raving referrers of your services.

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Push-IT brings manual muscle testing into the 21st century, allowing you to quickly perform isolated strength assessments for almost any region of the body. AxIT digitises your results giving you references to compare your clients to in real-time, identifying strength imbalances and track their progression to measure the effectiveness of what you do.Find out More
Pull-IT is a small but mighty strength testing device specialising in allowing practitioners to perform true isometric strength testing. Simply attach Pull-IT to your treatment table, a cable machine or a door frame using our range of attachments and collect accurate strength data on tests that have previously been difficult to perform such as knee extension and flexion, rotator cuff strength testing and even core rotation! Find out More
Stomp-IT allows you to assess single and double-limbed functional movements of the upper and lower body. Visualise if you client leans more to one side when they Squat, measure their maximum strength with safety using a Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull or see if your client is ready to return to play by assessing their Drop Jump explosiveness. All of this and more becomes possible using Stomp-IT.Find out More
How the AxIT System works
How does AxIT help you?
How does AxIT help your clients?
How does AxIT help your business?


"Our staff have engaged incredibly well with the AxIT system and it forms a large part of the assessments and management for all of our clients."

Kris Caloia
Progressive Physiotherapy

"I would (and have) recommend the AxIT System to health professionals who are looking to increase the quality of assessment for their community."

David Hillard
Zone 34 Physiotherapy

"AxIT has integrated seamlessly into our work environment and we have achieved increased revenues due to improved client retention."

Jacinta Horan
Bureta Physio And Wellness

"AxIT enables everyone to access data and state-of-the-art technology that we wouldn't be able to afford otherwise....The system really pays for itself."

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiropractic Australia President

"AxIT is a game-changer and will become the future of assessment globally. I don't have to rely on an educated guess anymore."

Carey Wheeler
Geelong Physical Therapy Centre
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